monster attack DHTML


this is my first project using DHTML (dynamic HTML). note that it currently only works properly in a subset of major recent browsers (see sidebar).

click here to give it a try.

known working browsers

some browsers that don't work

ok, so that's kind of fun, but it doesn't seem much different than say web neko... except that you can also do this:

click here to watch it on google!

or try any web page you want!!

bookmarklet!! *NEW*

drag and drop this link --> monster attack <-- into your browser links bar (note: in internet explorer you may get a warning about it being "unsafe"; just click "OK"), and you will be able to attack any page you're visiting with a simple click on the button! (for more info on bookmarklets, see and jesse's bookmarklets site).

stuff to come

i plan to write about the technical side soon, too...