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some of this help text may be out of date, i will be fixing it soon! thanks for your patience.


how do i put my pet on my bebo?
  1. make your pet and click finish
  2. click the "add to bebo" button!
and you're done!

if the "add to bebo" is not there, please do the following:

  1. click the "copy code" button
  2. go to and log in
  3. click on the "profile" tab
  4. scroll down to your "widgets" module
  5. click "create a widget"
  6. scroll down and click on "Paste in widget code"
  7. from the drop down menu, choose "Bunny Hero"
  8. enter in a name
  9. click in the "HTML code" box
  10. right click your mouse. a small menu will appear, you will see "paste" as an option.
  11. move your mouse down until "paste" is selected and left click.
    the code will be pasted.
  12. click "Save"

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