October 2nd, 2006

interesting note to self: MovieClip.hitTest() is not affected by a clip's _visible property!

useful for using invisible movieclips for manual mouse testing.

getting serious

September 1st, 2006

i want to get serious about blogging about technical matters again. to that end, i've removed the flash banner ads and popups from the tech pages, and i may give the look of this section an overhaul. or perhaps i will move all this code-y stuff to a different domain.

we'll see!

fun with microphones and flash

July 12th, 2006

this simple little project is just me playing with the Microphone class in flash.

if you have a microphone connected to your computer, click the "turn mic on" button. you will get a security warning asking if you want to allow bunnyherolabs.com to access your webcam and microphone (don't worry, i'm not using the cam, and not recording the audio anywhere!). then you may have to set the recording level ("gain") with the slider. as you talk (or otherwise make sounds into the microphone), the face's mouth should wag open and closed.

yes it's a very crude drawing, but it's just a fun test!

UPDATE! if you want to embed this into your website or myspace, use this code:

verlet test for you

May 24th, 2006

a few of you have asked for code to embed my verlet demo into your websites. here it is:

have fun!

verlet test

May 3rd, 2006

i think every flash coder ends up writing some kind of verlet integration demo. here's mine:

the code is based on the article advanced character physics (by Thomas Jakobsen) which was presented at the 2001 game developers conference.

i plan to use this for the monkey pet as he swings around.

what, no source code? sorry, the code is such a mess that it's embarrassing!

(i am also aware of flade, the flash dynamics engine, but (a) i thought i'd learn more doing this myself, (b) flade is actionscript 2.0 and my pets are still written in actionscript 1 (although i may upgrade the pet code someday) and (c) i don't need all of flade's features — the only physics i really need is gravity. i haven't looked at any of the code in flade…)

ie7 wtf

February 6th, 2006

the microsoft IE7 team continues to make bizarre changes to the UI. now the menu bar is hidden by default!? and a new icontastic "command bar" has been added to replace it, on the right hand side of the window. way to go. i look at the screenshots and feel completely lost, as a user. of course you can bring the menu bar back (not sure how easy it is to find the option), but it's still stuck under the address bar.

i have not yet installed the ie7 beta… i suppose i should at some point, for testing purposes, although i don't want to replace ie6, and i've heard reports of systems becoming unstable or messed up when installing an unofficial standalone version of ie7 beta (i currently use standalone versions of older versions of IE without trouble, though). i should look at that more closely. i wonder if it'd work better if ie7 was installed as the default system ie and ie6 was run as the standalone. hmmm.