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site updates and such

site was down

April 9th, 2004

i don’t know if it was excessive resource utilization on my part or not, i haven’t found out yet. so, temporarily, the image hosting part of the cyber pets will be broken. sorry! i’m working on making it more effecient right now. thanks for your patience… and thanks for making my cyber pets so popular!


April 8th, 2004

yep, i’ve joined a banner ad network and have added advertising to the site. this is mostly an attempt to help offset costs of bandwidth– pet adoptions have exploded recently! wheee!

i do not approve of pop-ups and pop-unders, or activeX installers. let me know if you see any and i will do my best to remove them.

thanks for your understanding!


April 5th, 2004

bunnies now available on the adoption page!! just in time for easter.


tech thingy

March 30th, 2004

i’m going to open a new section of this site for technical articles, but until then, a link from this news page will have to suffice.

i did some exploration of various javascript properties regarding window and page dimensions. geeks only!!

in other news… i really need to make this news page look nicer.

monster attack enhanced

March 28th, 2004

added jet fighters. also the monster can now destroy tanks! i also am using image resizing to vary the size of the flames, etc… check it out!

monster attack!!

March 25th, 2004

my first DHTML project. how fun! read about it here.

buy stuff!

March 20th, 2004

i now have a store where you can buy merchandise with the bunnyhero labs logo shamelessly imprinted on it. i have not seen the actual products in real life, myself– i created the products using cafepress and 99dogs. i used 99dogs for the t-shirt because they sell black t-shirts! cafepress only offers white shirts.

if anyone buys either product, let me know how they look in real life ;)

fixes for opera

March 12th, 2004

i made some changes to these pages so that they would display more properly in the opera web browser. i may write about the issue in more detail later…

i also added a short feature about bunnies in the miscellaneous section.