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school supplies put away

the back-to-school “pets” (scissors, pencil) have been put away till next year. i am working on a new animal, but right now it’s a secret!

also, any suggestions for new toys for the existing pets are welcome!

[edited: thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! closing comments again for now.]

89 Responses to “school supplies put away”

  1. Kristen says:

    Maybe a prairie dog would be cool.

  2. Boxtop says:

    If you’re accepting new suggestions for toys and stuff, might I suggest a few things for the puppy?

    1. Nearly all the pets you have follow the user’s mouse, and I think the puppy should do the same. Also, like the Wolf, if the player ignores the puppy, the dog should maybe whimper and, if he’s not in the center of the window, wander to the center and lay down. Then when the player returns the puppy yips and stands back up.

    2. The puppy should have a ball to play with that rolls around the screen with the puppy hobbling after it. Then when he catches it he’ll pick it up and drop it by the player’s cursor. Or he can hang onto the ball until the user clicks the pup’s head and takes the ball away.

    3. Somehow it should be indicated that to make the puppy jump for the treat you have to click over his head. New players could confuse the puppy’s happy bark (when you click on him) as an indication he’s happy for the treat, even though he doesn’t eat it. I know I did the first couple of times.

    4. This may just be me rambling, but if the player moves his cursor above the puppy’s head, the puppy should stand on his hind legs and try to swat the cursor, or eat it, or whimper or whatever.

    Just some suggestions. Compared to the rest the puppy seems a bit static and it would be cool if he were more interactive.

    And if you need sounds (I remember mentioning before that the wolf’s growl didn’t sound too wolflike,) Findsounds.com is the place to get them.

    Also, you should do something about the wolf’s tail. From what I know, wolf tails don’t wag.

    You’re doing a good job on these pets. They’re some of the best virtual web pets I’ve seen due to the fact that they’re interactive (most VPs are just a graphic or an animation). Keep it up.

    - Boxtop

  3. Boxtop says:

    Oh yeah, and in addition to the ball maybe you could have a squeaky chew toy the puppy can gnaw on.

  4. daddy's girl says:

    hey umm i have an idea for a toy for the hamster.maybe you can build like a little tunnel that i can go through.or maybe for the cat u can build a scratching post.or for the dog maybe a little ball that it can chase.and i was hopeing that maybe sometime soon maybe you can make a horse for a pet.i really want on the put on my myspace.so i hope you read this.bye.

  5. Weatherboy says:

    I think that a bat would be good for halloween. It flies around in the dark and you click on it, the bat bites the cursor (your lightbulb idea will come in handy for this next part). You can put a moon in the background and when you click on it the sun replaces it. The bat will have a tree branch to perch on when the sun comes out. It’s more stuff can have a apple, orange, or pear for it to eat (bats love fruit).

  6. Petman says:

    I have got every pet you have. How about a trampuline for the bunny to bounce on in the background. Like the wheel of the hamster. Hope you make the change :) My other bunny is lost. He’s charles

  7. murf_girl says:


    For the panda you should have a toy. Maybe a monkey should swing by in the background and then the panda chases it offscreen. Then is comes back. :)


    You should make a Giraffe. It should have it’s head off the screen and when you put your mouse inside then it brings it’s head down.
    TOY: A little baby giraffe. Then you can choose to play with the baby, feed it, or send it back to it’s home.
    FOOD: A tree branch with leaves. In the background there should be a tree but when you click on the tree branch a branch will sprout and leaves will come out. And then the giraffe bends down and munches on it.

    Lemme know what you think and DON’T SPAM MY INBOX!

  8. Petman says:

    Instead of a bat for hollween, how about a live pumpkin or witch. I’ll give you a chance to decide. Here’s how it should turn out.


    Click it to light in the inside. It eats plants you plant at the ground.9 Extras are seeds. Put them in a spot in the garden. It will grow to a plant, and the Pumkin eats it! Cool!) The background should be a garden. At the start the witch will grow the pumpkin!


    Extras: A broom so it can fly :) :0
    :That’s all:

    Hope you can make 1 of them. :hope :)

  9. Zaynesmom says:

    How about a ferret or a snake…. those are cool and not yet optionsAlthough I love the monkey and the turtle!!!
    feeding mice to the snake would be fun!! Just a thought. If you want exotic a sugar glider would be great!! they are soo cute and make a really fun noise!!

  10. bunny hero FAN! says:

    please make a horse!!!

  11. kirby222 says:

    why not a flying squirel? he could have a tree and could fly around

    FOOD: He could have a acorn.

  12. KATLYN GATES says:

    I think that the turtle should have some floating wood because i have turtles and they like to bask in the sun on the floating wood. I think you should make a dragon, snake, Parrot, a giraffe, a zebra, lion, or an elephant.

    Katlyn Marie Gates

  13. Padfoot says:

    Hi I put a comment already, but I want to say Zaynesmom, murf_girl, daddys girl and boxtop have really good ideas! I

  14. jess says:

    i think a horse would be cool and u could for extras have

    a jumping course for u 2 watch him/her on.
    for food u cud have oats

    i think i have sum other animal suggestions 4 u

    a choice of different dog breeds like

    gr8 dane
    french bull dog

    lots of luv J£$$I

  15. jess says:

    hi bunnyhero

    i think i have sum other animal suggestions 4 u

    a choice of different dog breeds like

    gr8 dane
    french bull dog

    lots of luv J£$$I

  16. jess says:

    sorry about that last comment i forgot i already said those animals.

    luv J£$$I

  17. jess says:

    here can we have a cheetah .

    o i have another idea we could if we place the same animals next to each other they could go in 2 each others window and maybe u cud tell us weather they r a boy or a girl an they cud breed and have babies this idea wud only work doh if u agreed to da 1st idea. IT WOULD BE COOL EVEN SO. pweeze agree it wud be 2 cool 2 have babie animals living with there mum and dad coz dey wud be able 2 go in each others windows.

    maybe u cud do houses 4 dem and it wud ave kennels 4 puppy v-pets. an u had code boxes like now in like the kennels so the v-pets cud liv ther in the same house an cudrun around all of the house .

    u cud make clothes like collars 4 all of dem and like leads 4 da dogs so u can take them on walks if u made the house.

    all of this cud still be under v-pets but it wud make it more popular to get pets off.

    i think that u shud give more secified choice like a gr8 dane or a boxer.

    they r just suggestions but if they were done i think it wud make u and the v-pets alot more popular.

    LUV J£$$I

  18. bushbaby says:

    maby,in the fish tank,you could put some ornaments like a ship or something,and when you click on it the fish will swim through it. that would be cool!

  19. that guy says:

    you should make a snake

  20. joey says:

    i think u should make a v-pet neighborhood and theres houses with all different animals in them and u get to go in all the houses and that.

    also another idea u could make animals that in the window it is bigger and there is two animals and they breed and stuff

    a third idea is to make other animals i hope u make a bird it would be cool to hav a bird or a snake or maybe even different kinds of dogs (eg. german shepards,labradors and other kinds of dogs.

  21. ruthie says:

    petman had a great super fantastic idea!!!! make a bat for holloween it would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plese do it………leave me a mssge on my site http://www.ruthiesanimals.piczo.com your pets are great!!!!!!!!!

  22. ruthie says:

    also petmans ideas about the pumpkin are cool tooo maybe you could make a mummy or a scary black cat for holloween!

  23. ruthie says:

    sorry i got more to say about holloween, maybe you could make a virtual haunted house. like you walk in and you click on things to go to each part of the haunted house, each room could have a bunch of things that are interactive this would be awsome!!!!!

  24. Fogpelt says:

    U should totally make a dragon! That would be SO cool, and it would go with haloween. U could make it fly and breath fire and stuff.

  25. To Shy says:

    I think you need a miniture pony. It would look really, really cute!
    With brown and white spots!! i love the Panda also!

  26. finston says:

    u should make a gorrilla like king kong

  27. peri says:

    u really should make a horse.

  28. Inconnue says:

    Hey, Thanks for the panda. I told my friend and she was pretty happy.

    I think you should make a chinchilla… I just like chinchillas, okay? I’m kinda weird.
    You could put a bat or squirrel… (steals idea from comments) I think that flying things would be cool. And squirrels are just so adrorable with their little accorns. My friend Poccky-chan is into Halloween so I think I should be in the Halloween spirit too! (It is when my favorite manga’s next volume comes out and the juice in the fridge expires)

    More junk before babbling to people I don’t know about me:
    The fish: Maybe you could let the fish go inside a little castel.
    The spider: You could put a stick in the inventory. The stick could be used as a cursor after selected and poke the web. So then the spider can jiggle then fix the web.
    The hamster: He should get an adorable little tunnel to go through near the corner.

    Byebye! ~Wolf

  29. Kuulei says:

    Hi! You said we could leave some comments about the stuff? yea, so here goes…

    I think you should add these kind of pets and animals…

    - horse
    – the horse should have a variety of foods. like oats, hay, salads, and some water in a bucket.
    – another idea is that the horse should have like spots, or stripes, or patches of different colors you can shange. sort of look like a pinto.
    – the horse should have a little stable to sleep in.
    – the horse should also have equipment to do courses. itll be really cool and fun!
    – the horse should have feelings, and body postures like a real horse too. that would be great to tell if it is mad, hungry, sad, and stuff.

    - cheetah
    - lion
    - elephant
    - mouse
    - dragons
    - uniorns
    – make it sort of like the horse bu with wings and a horn. more nicer…

    and that will be it. i thought about it for a while. hope you create a horse!!!

  30. bunny hero FAN! says:

    To Shy`S idea is totally cool and a bat for halloween i great!
    chewtoy for the dog.
    virtual hauntedhouse idea COOL!
    v-pet neighborhood idea ALSO COOL!

    if you make a horse or a pony i`d love you!!!

  31. daddy's girl says:

    hey this comment is 4 evryone 2 read!!!!do any of you people have a myspace??if any of you do put a comment on the school supplies put away saying that u have a myspace.i think it would be kool cause then we can all talk about the animals and stuff so if u want 2 leave a cimment on this bunny hero page saying that u have a myspace.plese do it i think it would be fun.and no 1 will stalk u all of us could just talk about the animals.

  32. lion97 says:


  33. lion97 says:

    oh and box top (i was suppost to do this comment separtly because people post comments like a little more and you will end up doing load of little comments with like 5 words!

  34. allie says:

    i think you should make an elephant for a new pet and it should eat peanuts

  35. allie says:

    i also think there should be an animal for every holiday like a pumkin at holloween or a christmas tree at christmas
    and i think the fish should do something other than eat like if u click it it should flip or something

  36. chris says:

    i think the siccors should stay

  37. Romolus3 says:


  38. waffle says:

    could you make a bat?

  39. Sarah says:

    You should make an elephant, a horse, a mouse and maybe a lyon or something. There should be more animals!!!!!!!!

  40. bunny hero FAN! says:


  41. 2442 says:

    I think a bird or a bat would be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Super Peach says:

    I think you should make a cute wittle ferret!And a flamingo!!!and an anteater!maybe for the boys a dinosaure.and maybe you should put a mog from Final Fantasy crystal chronicals.AND THE PINK PANTHER!!!!an elephant would be nice.and a starfish and a crab.and frog!!!!And happy bunny!maybe a stingray!I think everyone has great ideas.the panda is soooooooooooooo cute.Maybe you can make it climb!!!!and chik and a cow,and a chicken!!!And yoshi!!!And toad andtoadette!!!and a rock!Well mes gatta go now.


  43. Malia says:

    hi. ive been reading a few comments and i think a lot of people want a horse and a snake. i think those are great ideas. i also loved the girraffe idea. so i think those should be considered in the running for next V pet. some other i deas are:: moose(with a lake in the background and it eats grass and leaves) dolphin(has a ball that it can throw in the air and can splash the window with its tail and eats fish) an ardvark //armadillo(could burry itselfe in the sand and eat berries//ants from an ant hill) seahorse( it has litle plants in its aquarium you can feed it and it makes a little horse noise wen you click on it)

    in honor of STEVE IRWIN, i think you should make a wombat, kangaroo, and a crocidile and the kangaroo can have a baby in its pouch

    for halloween yoo could have the bat(you feed fruit and it hangs on a tree branch infront of a moon) a special edition werewolf that howls at a full yellow/red moon and wears ripped pants and shirt) a jack-o-lantern (tht you can turn the candel on//off in andit eats candy you throw on the ground) a witch (that you dnt necisarily FEED but like in mansters inc you can put a kid in the window, she cackles and then the kid runs out of the screen. the witch can have a broom that she flys on as well) and finally, a ghost//frankinstiene (for the ghost it can have a haunted house in the background that it can go to and like the witch, it can scare kids..with frankie, he feeds on dropped candy and can smash pumpkins in the garden behind him

    ((sorry this is such a long comment but there are just a few mor ideas i have so SORRY EVERYONE!!!!!))

    for christmas you should give the penguin a santa hat, make a manora (for the jewish that you can light its candles), a polar bear(that you can feed fish or steak and you can keep all year round), a reindeer that you can turn on//off its nose like rudolph and a snowman that can throw snowballs at the window. heck you might even make a santa!

    well anyways i hope you consider a few of my ideas and message me back with what you think!

    much love, Malia

  44. KittyGirl says:

    I think you should get the follwing


  45. Audrey says:

    i think the hamster is to drawn look like the other ones are straght lines and stuff the hamster ain’t

  46. Brittany Davis says:

    I think you need a crocodile in memory of Steve Irwin or a snake!

  47. Dled says:

    maybe you should put a meerkat

  48. hehehe says:

    u should be able to breed the animals and have baby ones and watch the family grow and stuff…

  49. hilary_rox says:

    i’ve got a suggestion for a new pet. u could have a horse, a mouse, a budgie or my last suggestion an otter.
    As for toys, i think that u should give the otter(if u r going to get one) a water slide and with the existing pets, u should give the dog a ball with food inside so when it shakes it enough, food willl come out. Also u could give the dog a tug-a-war rope so that u hold 1 end and the dog pulls the other.

  50. bigger boy says:

    I think you should put some wild animals on like elephants, lions, zebras, garaffes and buffalo. I also think water animals should be included like dolphins, sealions, crabs and sharks, and the fisk should do more than just eat it should do some tricks in the water or some thing like that. But all the pets are really cool!
    Hope you read this letter. thanx.

  51. bigger boy says:

    I also think a pet for each holiday like a chistmas tree for chirstmas or a pumkin for haliwee’en

  52. bigger boy says:

    A Guinea-pig!

  53. bunny hero FAN! says:

    hi everyone=)

  54. bunny hero FAN! says:

    Kuulei, your idea ROCKS!!!!!

  55. billboy says:

    you could make a mouse


    TOY:a thing to chew

  56. billboy says:

    you could make a robot


    TOY:robo pup

  57. PuNk says:

    why not Jack skellington the pumpkin king for halloween as a pet and for a toy put zero and for food make a little 2 or 3 year old kid

  58. PuNk says:

    dudes im not with those people that say FREAKING horse but make the horse evil and buck and that would be awsome wat about a Alein for halloween

  59. PuNk says:

    why not Jack the pumpkin king and Zero as a pet and as food like a 3 year old or the siameese shadow

  60. Danielle says:

    The fish is kind of boring, and I think it should be able to jump out of the water. I really hope you make a horse, mabye a foal. It could jump over jumps, and you could put on a halter and lead it around. It could eat apples and hay, and drink water.

  61. Danielle says:

    Oh, and mabye for the turtle, it could get dirty, and you could use a toothbrush to scrub it’s shell.

  62. Sadie says:

    maybe a horse

  63. jordan says:

    you should make a snake and g ive it a rat to eat and you should make a lepard and give it some steak

  64. Kim-An says:

    I think the puppy should have a hoop so that when press the puppy it jumps through the hoop!! Maybe you should make a guinea pig or a dolphin too!!!

  65. Boxtop says:

    I have to agree with lion97 on the amount of people asking for new pets. So far Bunnyhero’s asking for new toy suggestions (and possibly suggestions to improve the old pets), not ideas for new pets. If he wants ideas for new pets, he’ll say so.

  66. rachel says:

    could you make a frog?

  67. shel says:

    you should do a lion,elephant,giraffe,parrot,and a snake

  68. James Albornoz says:

    You should make a comodo dragon

  69. Horsygal says:

    i have been waitin and waiting for a horse!and a sheep!and a cow!also, for the duck, i would suggest putting in something new. and we should be able to, like prush the kitty or the bunny.

  70. Horsygal says:

    For the fish, it is kinda boring(sorry!) so you could like have a scull or even better, you could decorate it!(i know it is kinda really hard to make virtual pats, but still it would be cool!

  71. megan says:

    hi. my favrite pet of yours is the cat.

  72. hey watz up. i hope u get a goat. goats are soo kewl!! there my favrite animal!!!

  73. i hope you get a….
    1) goat
    2) sheep
    3) girafe
    4)hippopotamas (cant live without em!!)

    please listen to my suggests!!! thnx!!

    ~sunshine aka megz~

  74. and for holloween, you should totaly make a zero one!! aww!! wouldn that just be adorable!!!?? well check out my totaly kewl myspace. its myspace.com/sences_fail_again. check it out!!!

  75. Ariel says:

    WOW you gotta lot of replies here, bunnyhero! Anyway I know you’re probably thinking, “Another comment. GREAT.” but the temptation is too large not to submit a comment o.O

    - I think that for Halloween a bat would be great. It could be hanging from a perch. It could have like a mango for fruit (c’MON people the only bat that drinks blood is just one type of bat)/food.
    - For thanksgiving, you could have a turkey. I mean a pet, of course, not a Slay the Turkey game, no way. Just a pet. Food could be a pile of worms that you lay on the ground. Then the turkey runs over to feast. And, when you hover your mouse over the turkey (s)he bawks and flees.
    - Other ideas (that have not already been submitted) would be a frog, a budgie parakeet or cockatiel, a deer (or is there already one of those? =/), a lamb, or a unicorn. *OoOoOoH!!!* =P

    Hope I didn’t bore ya’ll.

  76. Jason says:

    make a frog!!!!!! I will LOVE you if you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  77. Boxtop says:

    Have you guys even READ what I said? If he wants new pets, he’ll ask for them. So far, he hasn’t, so shut up. You’re putting too much pressure on him and giving him another reason to shut the comments down again.

  78. lion97 says:

    You cant talk Boxtop!

  79. D says:

    I advise to take a rare animal like the dodo (actually doesn’t excist anymore) or a whale like animal,or a some sort of dog because there are a lot of different species of dog’s and cats and other animals
    Sorry if this give you to much pressure.:p

  80. james says:

    i think a pumkin that you can carve would be cool (for october)

  81. james says:

    sorry just a suggestion

  82. Angela says:

    I hope you make a halloween pet. Maybe a bat or a rat or a mouse. It did take me a will to warm up to the spider but know I love it! Anyway
    keep up the good work! :]

  83. ruthie says:

    I completly agree with boxtop! stop being so annoying with your mssgs!!!!!

  84. me says:

    umm this website is great lol one of my friends has like 3 or 4 of them hre myspace.
    maybe you could make a frog, ferret, parot , somekind of bird. ok bye!

  85. aev says:

    please make a donkey, a donkey would be awesome!

  86. Hey I love your website! I think the bunny should have more stuff. Maybe you could put in a salt lick. I once had a rabbit and he LOVED his salt lick. The duck needs more stuff too and don’t mean to be nasty or anything, but the fish is….well, VERY borning. Maybe(This is off the top of my head) you could ad a fake shark to chase after the fish. Just an idea though. Good luck with the pets!

    Also, Boxtop, I do agree with you a LITTLE. Indeed, we shouldn’t bother Bunnyhero TO much, but still, I would like to see a horse.

  87. Bobbye says:

    A ferret Please please please

  88. bunny hero FAN! says:

    shut up boxtop and ruthie!!! let people have their say!!!