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another minor tweak!

this time the tweak is to the “customize pet” page. if you know the hex code you want for your pet’s colour, you can now type it in directly!

if you are on the customize pet page and you still can’t type in the hex code box, please try clearing your browser’s cache and trying again.

12 Responses to “another minor tweak!”

  1. Crystal says:

    hi bunnyhero
    howcome you shut domn the reply box thingy?

  2. secret says:

    ok thats great but i have suggestions for pets
    and snakes

  3. TiaRatWarrior says:

    This is such a great site, I have all the pets! I would love for there to be a horse or a rat :) Keep up the good work, bunnyhero!

  4. quiere says:

    That’s fine. Hex codes aren’t that hard..
    - bring back the ostrich!
    - take off the scissors and pencil.

  5. bunnyhero says:

    there never was an ostrich on this site.

    the scissors and pencil and lightbulb will probably go back into storage until the next back-to-school season :)

  6. ♥~♥Jel♥~♥ says:

    Hey! When I was trying to make a panda (and I don’t know if this is the same on all of the other animals) I was changing the colour and with the slider on the left that changes whether you want it dark or light it changed to the colour pink (which is what i was making my panda). Well different shades. And the slider ended up going off the chart!! please fix this it’s really confusing!! Thanks!!


  7. ruthie says:

    do you think you could make the penguin more items? please write me back. and a lizard that eat’s crickets crickets would be really cool leave me a message on my site if you can

  8. Silver Stealer says:

    I know you have no way to contact me but suggestions are a little unicorn, or horse doesnt matter, hmm…a fun one or ones would be pop as in dr.pepperpepsi, coke or any other drink!!!

    More suggestions
    Do you have a frog?
    Do you have a dolphin
    Do you have fish or whales>sharks

  9. ruthie says:

    silver stealer has a good idea abot the dr.pepper stuff. visit my site at http://www.ruthiesanimals.piczo.com

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Bob Richulds says:

    I want there to be nachos as a pet that eats pizza.