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advanced pet techniques

i have added a new page to the adoption centre: advanced techniques, which allows the HTML-savvy among you to further customize your pet. with this know-how you can change your pet’s background and text colour. warning: experts only!

7 Responses to “advanced pet techniques”

  1. ruthie says:

    your website rocks the new techniques are cool keep up the good work! check out my site!

  2. FujiFilm 505 says:

    can u make a moose?

  3. connor says:

    i want a lizard in atank and i eats grasshoppers

  4. connor says:

    and it eats

  5. ruthie says:

    connor has a good idea… get a lizard that eat’s grasshoppers!!!!!

  6. Aimee says:

    hiya why don’t u get a dolphin. Or a crocodile

  7. cammy says:

    hello cool animals you have