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minor tweaks

i’ve made some minor behind-the-scenes tweaks to most of the pets. you won’t be able to see what they are yet– if all goes well, you won’t notice a difference at all– but i’m letting you know just in case i messed up. if your pets aren’t acting the way they’re supposed to, please let me know!

i’m leaving comments open temporarily for bug reports.

19 Responses to “minor tweaks”

  1. lion97 says:

    why did you close the comments i dont think my pandas acting propley

  2. Padfoot says:

    Hi I am Padfoot. My monkey keeps stretching!!! Please make a fox and a ferret and every pet should have 2 things

  3. bunnyhero says:

    lion97: what is your panda doing that is not normal?
    Padfoot: the monkey stretching is normal.

  4. lion97 says:

    is he suppost to be rocking . is his head suppost to be upside down? i tryed re adopting it but it did the same . but when i look at the customised bit its perfect!(why did u shut down comments)

  5. daddy's girl says:

    hey do u think u can make a new animal like maybe a horse??

  6. bunnyhero says:

    lion97: the panda is supposed to rock back and forth. its head isn’t supposed to be upside down though! if you send me the web site address of the page its on, i can take a look.

    i shut down the comments because it was taking too much time for me to keep up with them all.

  7. FujiFilm 505 says:

    When is the moose done!?

  8. anonymous says:

    can u make another animal like idk something cool!! and every animal should have two things

  9. lion97 says:

    dont worrey the pandas ok now

  10. lion97 says:

    why is the light bulb back…

  11. Padfoot says:

    Thanks, I didn’t know, it’s really weird! Why does it stretch anyway? I would love to have a rat as they are my favourite animals, and i think anonymous has a good idea. And one comment said the puppy was a bit boring, and I do agree a bit because it doesn’t really do anything. A horse would be great too, as would a ferret or a crocodile that has little birds to clean its teeth and it could eat them too. I love all the animals they are so awesome and I thank you for your hard work! Best, Padfoot

  12. hehehe says:

    i think u should be able to do more with your pets and u should make different ones to

  13. hehehe says:

    u should be able to watch ur pets sleep

  14. daxter9 says:

    make a new pet like an lion, tiger or an Leopard!

  15. daxter9 says:

    the light bulb sucks!!

  16. daxter9 says:

    Make an new pet with 2 new things! and hurry!

  17. daxter9 says:

    MAKE AN LEOPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. daxter9 says:

    my panda is acting strange can you help?+im a computer geek

  19. To Shy says:

    My lil sis is begging!