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kitten updated!

the new kitten is now up. if you’re not seeing the food, you may have to clear your browser’s cache and reload the page. read this if you don’t know how to do that.


96 Responses to “kitten updated!”

  1. Brooke says:


  2. kitty says:

    im not so sure i like it its body form lookd funny but good job I cant do better

  3. Gracie says:

    HORRAY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT. IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. DarkDrake wants a Dragon and says:

    YAY!!! ~pets cat on the head~
    hehe ~dances around~
    ~hands bunnyhero a cookie~

  5. KATLYN GATES says:


  6. monica wants a monkey and says:

    i luv the cat!! woohoo!

  7. oh my god you done 4 in a rox ~hip hip horray (thress times)~

  8. OMG love it i just think 1 animal has two things a food and interactive thing ! BUT WELL DONE !

  9. E. says:


  10. lion97 says:


  11. lion97 says:

    hey darkdrake wots ur piczo webby

  12. Kimberley says:

    The kitten is AWESOME!!! I like it a whole lot. I’m so glad you made it meow, I like the noise.

    I just wanted to tell you thank you for making this website because it is so much fun and so nice of you. I know there are a lot of people going “make this, make that, now, now, now” but I just want to let you know that I for one, really appreciate your work!!!

  13. Cree says:

    the kitten is absolutly amazing, thx for doing this for all of us =D

  14. crystal says:

    hey thnx! u rock! i no its alot of work thow
    i think is soo cool.
    thnx any way!

  15. crystal says:

    WELL DONE!!!

  16. DarkDrake says:

    Nyall, i dont have a piczo site… actually i dont like piczo at all….
    all the piczo sites ive seen look really missed up and dont look like they where made by ppl who knew what they where doing…

    Instead im using freewebs for my webhost, and im making the site completely from scratch using my own html skills…

    Anyway im loving the update for the cat! ~hugs bunnyhero~

    can’t wait for the dragon

  17. ava says:

    crap pets

  18. katy says:

    awww its so cute now i want to have a dragon or a fwoggie on it pleeeeeeeese

  19. katy says:

    i want a monkey too

  20. katy says:

    thankies for finaly makin it

  21. katy says:

    4 in a row

  22. Saphire says:


  23. the body is wierd but you know,being in the basket,its formed like it yah know.but its hard and you r coll and awesome!thanks so much!

  24. Big K says:

    bunnyhero I’m disappointed. my kitten doesn’t have anything to eat . WILL YOU HELP? -Big K

  25. Big K says:


  26. Big K says:


  27. Big K says:

    i somewhat agree with horseback rider. the body is a little strange, though adorable! thanks a bunch! -Big K

  28. POOPIE says:

    you should know better, ava. ava, you should know better than to “crap animals”! i sound just like a mom. LIVE WITH IT!

  29. bunnyhero says:

    My yellow thing isn’t working but its me. Could you guys use some clean words?:)

  30. Beth says:

    The cat is awesome! I especially like how it purrs when you pet it. Thanks so much!

    P.S.~I don’t think you should anwser any requests from people who can’t speak English coherently =;-)

  31. A person says:

    I don’t really like the body, but otherwise, it’s really cute!

  32. Luna says:

    SO CUTE!! =D :D =) :) However you make the smileys..How do you make the smileys, by the way?

  33. Luna says:

    BUNNYHERO ROX!!! :) :D :) ;) ;D :( just testing out a few smileys..Also, bunnyhero, when I try to put 2 pets on my site, the 2nd one shows the code instead of the pet.

  34. Dori sarkis says:

    You did a great job on the kittens body.It turned out awsome.Thank you for makeing it.We all appreciate him now and will in the future.I just love this site!

  35. lion97 says:

    ye lol people cant sspeakenglish ah ah ha

  36. Anonymous says:

    :) :);)

  37. becky says:

    i think there should be huskies next

  38. PenguinLover says:

    I think your website is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Someday please make an elephant so Big K can finally name one Fredfredburger.

  39. PenguinLover says:

    I think u should put in a giraffe that should eat leaves and can do the cancan.

  40. PenguinLover says:

    HI!!! HI!!!! HI!!!! HI!!! Plz put in an elephant in!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!

    Make it eat peanuts! Make it drink and squirt water from a little pond next to the elephant!! PUHLEEZ!

    ps i love penguins! (Duh, look at my name) but anyway, thanks for putting penguins on bunnyherolabs! :-)

  41. PenguinLover says:

    sup peoplez also can u put in a lion OR cheetah? THAT WOULD BE, LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!! sorry about that… i have my moments

    cya dudes and dudettes :-)

  42. crystal says:


  43. crystal says:

    U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  44. PenguinLover says:

    I think this website could use some limited edition holiday pets. (If u dont alrwady have them) For instance, for christmas u could put in a reindeer with a flashing nose. If I ever see a holiday animal, i will be SOOOOOOO happy that u took my idea. (If u guys at bunny hero labs thought of it before me, then, well, I won’t be so cheerful.) anyway, thanks for putting up with me, the penguin-loving chatterbox.

    Cya dudes and dudettes!


  45. Dogsrockwithschool says:

    i think you should make a zebra

  46. Dogsrockwithschool says:

    yeah make a zebra next

  47. Dogsrockwithschool says:

    i don’t mean to be mean but the cat lookes cuter in the basket i don’t mean o be mean

  48. mongoladd says:

    hahaha, dette var en dåli side!! :O pekk meg sjølv..

  49. She says:

    Hey! The cat is cute!

    can u make a shaggy dog next? you know like a really furry little one.

    also can you make it so we can choose the background for the window? you know, make it a differet color, or a field or inside a cage, (instead of just white)

    that’d be great if you listened to this!

  50. Brie says:

    Hay that is sooo radical cuz like… um….. it just is! :P :P:P:P:


  51. DarkDrake says:

    wow calm down ppl bunnyhero is only 1 man…or bunny…
    he’s probably busy making the dragon,panda or monkey you guys have been requesting so muc lately

  52. I love the kitty but can u make it treats like the puppy aswell? And maybe a mouse that moves and the cat has to pounce on it??

  53. DaNi says:

    ooo it rox!! i got a good idea how bnout a pet…lizard!! lol!! but keep up the fantastico work =D

  54. JT says:

    Wow! the new improved kitten is amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!

  55. monica wants a monkey and says:

    i agree with DarkDrake. bunnyhero HAS to make the monkey or dragon sorry im not crazy about the panda but he just did us a BIG favor and made us a really great kitty that can be FREE! :D lol

  56. Anonymous says:


  57. Great Kate says:

    I have just found this site and LOVE the little animals! The kitten is great, I love playing with the toy, I love how it purrs! I think you should make a horse next.. people were talking monkey and pandas.. I don’t think so, I think a horse, it can buck and rear when yoiu click on it, and whinny, and you can feed it hay to eat. Or… how about an elephant, feed it a peanut, click on it and it will spray water out its trunk… very cliche for an elephant, but fun.

    well anyways.. its great and keep up the good work!

  58. Great Kate says:

    ((of course if I read previous replys the elephant idea has already been said…. oops… How about making godzilla.. he could eat fish and tromp through buildings! ok.. now I’m getting silly!))

  59. Big K says:

    yo (again) again and again

  60. Big K says:

    PenguinLover is a friend of mine. She does have her “moments”. BUT I NEVER GET LIKE THAT! NO WAY! Thanks again bunnyhero. CYA DUDES AND DUDETTES! -Big K :P

  61. Big K says:

    :P I LIKE PANCAKES! FRED FREDBURGER! :P I’m Big K and I approve this message.

  62. Ty says:

    i like the kitty….now how about a panda

  63. Spoof_Monkey! says:

    :p :p :d :d



  64. secondbase96 says:

    when are you planning to make a monkey. I really want one and so does my g/f so u have 2 people who want a monkey.

  65. La La La says:

    hey the kitty is cuute.

    can u make a yorkie dog? u no, a lil furry one.

    and can u amke a felid in the bckround of the dog one. u no like a hill or dog park.


  66. Me says:

    yeah thats a good idea. i luv lil yorkies!!

  67. jo Yee says:

    hey the kitty is cute

    can u make a Crazy dog? u no, a lil furry one.

    and can u amke a felid in the bckround of the dog one. u no like a hill or dog park.

    thank U !!

  68. i love this web site,its so cool!thanks alot bunnyhero”off to save bunnie-kind”lol!sorry,i love the name,by the way.

  69. hey!jo yee,that meen!dont copy other peoples writing!that probobly hurt the persons felings!

    (copy right)

  70. DarkDrake says:

    Hey, the kitty is cute!

    Can u make a Dragon? u know, a giant spiky one.

    And can u make a burning field in the backround for the dragon. Or maybe a village or dark castle.

    Thank you BunnyHero!

  71. Lion97 says:

    ye plz make a dragon after the monkey :D

  72. krista says:

    OMG!! he is so cute! i have 2 get 1 .this website is awesome.me and all of my friends have a pet from this site.i cant wait till the next pet comes out!

  73. Lion97 says:


  74. Lion97 says:

    (well its oviouse i love this website)

  75. says:

    ♥ i luv this site! can u mayb make a colored bcrnd on the penguin? maybe a sky or anartica? ♥

    ♥ thx ♥

  76. Big K says:


  77. Big K says:

    that was cool.

  78. Zoe says:

    I love the cat, it’s soo much funner!
    Do you think you could make it so that all the animals have a toy and some food?
    Very good work! How on earth do you do it?
    Flash is sooo cool! But I don’t have any clues on how to make it!!
    You are so talented!

  79. LC says:

    you need to teach the fish to jump out of the water and do a flip

  80. Excellent updates, the new kittens rock!

  81. alleira says:

    The update to the kitten is great – I love how she now jumps out of the basket and eats the food! Thank you! :D

  82. Wolven says:

    I wouldn’t like a monkey, but more people voted for monkey so I’m cool with that. Otherwise the wolf was amazing, and the kitten is amazing to the wolf too.

  83. Abby says:

    i like da way da kitten jumps out da basket
    i think all the animals shud have a toy and a bed

  84. monica wants a monkey and says:

    im bored

  85. Big K dosen’t want a monkey… wonder why. But anyway, if you ever do put in a monkey, pleeeeeeeeeeez don’t make it’s body like the cat’s. The monkey would look weird if u did that.

    Penguin Lover

    PS Big K copied me by saying dudes and dudettes!!
    PSS Big K does actually have moments like i do. Or does she??

  86. Dudes and dudettes!! bunnyhero is real cool. And i have a question for any person who lives in France right now. Are there burger kings in france? If there arent any, burger king is a fast food place. YUM!!!!

    Peace out

  87. I think u should make games so you can win points for your pets so u can buy new stuff for them.

    Peace out!!

    Penguin Lover

  88. Tom Riddle says:

    I like the new cats! I adopted two of them just now!

  89. Yo! I just wanted to do a shout out for my good friend Big K.


    thank you.

    Peace out!!
    Penguin Lover

    PS Tom riddle must be obsessed with harry potter…

  90. lion97 says:

    ok what every darkdrake

  91. lion97 says:

    bunnyhero u need to keep up wiv the ecards ~!not impressed!~

  92. lion97 says:

    u need to put the ichive up may 2006 then on that page no comments or summet lyk that