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hi! i’ve redesigned the look of the site a little, but everything is in the same place as before. you might find some weird visual glitches; if so, please try refreshing the page. the new look is still a work in progress, i expect to tweak it a bit over the next week or so.

71 Responses to “new look”

  1. monica says:

    i like the look keep up the good work :-)

  2. krissy says:

    need mre pets!! please?

  3. :D Nyall :D says:

    yh but ive lost every thing so it will take me a long time lol

  4. a fan says:

    i like the new stuff can you please make a MONKEY for a new pet plz???

  5. Casey says:

    hey this new look is awsome! my webhost have closed my account so i got to find a new one for my pets

  6. Christina says says:

    I love it!

  7. Dusty says:

    This is cool!

  8. Leon says:

    Hi. I really would like a dragon, bird, or even a snake!! So0o take ur marry time.(but please do hurree!)

  9. Meiko says:

    Nice job, BH. It looks marvy. ;]

  10. not saying says:

    Hi I like it but I think the old look was better.

  11. WOW!!! I like the new version better!

  12. ~m~I~l~L~i~E says:

    pretty!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. Goddess says:

    I think this site ROCKS!!! I am adopting a hedgehog for My personal My Space journal. Keep up the great work sweetie!!!

    Kisses from your Goddess,

  14. nyall says:

    i like the old look better

  15. Web says:

    Hey just found this site and noticed something

    when you first get into it on the home page… your bunny’s shadow is cut off… really kills the mood… might want to get back into your PSD (or whatever you use :p) File and shrink the rabbit so its shadow isnt cut off

  16. Hey the new site is tihgt I like it alot!! So yeah u should come see my xanag some time!!

  17. jadiebloop says:

    cool!! but now consentrate on animals now!! put in sumthing like a parrot plz!!

  18. nyall says:

    yer stop wasteing time on the new look and get some animals done PLEASE!!!!!!!!! im desperet 4 a new 1 :(

  19. nyall says:

    oh and can i join up 2 that club fing plz

  20. yé trop cool yé rose y joue du drom malade

  21. nyall says:

    yé trop cool yé rose y joue du drom malade wat sort of launguage is that ppppp

  22. Brooke says:


  23. Elvenlights says:

    Brilliant!!!! Its cyber-tamagochi!!!!

    I love it so much i named my kitty after my guy, and the penguin after hanson’s “Penny and Me” Hahahahahah

  24. JT says:

    Great now look. Very smart indeed!

  25. monica says:

    omg ppl… bunnyhero will take as much time as he can! so just [b]BE PATIENT![/b]

  26. Tabbitha says:

    u should make a frog virtual pet

  27. LZ says:

    more pets or make more pets!!!
    i like the look

  28. PETSPETCLUB says:

    It`s cool!
    But can you make more pets???
    example:Monkey,butterfly,catterpillar,pupa,lady bug,etc.
    Or make other creatures you can make a making creatures corner then everyone will make creature then you put it at the cyber pets place.

  29. PETSPETCLUB says:

    Oh just pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee do it!!!I`m begging you to do it.

  30. suki says:

    can you make korala bear for adoption??? really want it. please~

  31. Lexi says:

    I have a great idea for a new pet a shark,parahnna,chinchilla,horse,racoon,And a CAT!!! well thats all the animals i can think of right now but please put some on!!!

  32. Can't say says:

    Can you do a horse ?? I LOVE horses. Alot of people love horses too.

  33. DarkDrake (Casey) says:

    hey what happend to bunnyhero??? “the streets are filled with zombies, babys are having babys,and everyone is thinking ths same thing…WHERE THE HELL IS BUNNYHERO????

  34. Y DO U WANNA NO??? says:

    HA HA
    that last comment wuz funny lol

  35. Lauren Slyter says:

    u should make a smiley face.

  36. DarkDrake (Casey) says:

    all i really want is to hear bunnyheros sweet nerdy voice again…
    i mean common dude you dont have
    to only talk when something is being released or fixed… tell us about yourself, about ur current destractions..what ur dog did this week! Anything!!!!

    ….current thought: WHERE THE HELL IS BUNNYHERO????

  37. DarkDrake (Casey) says:

    Smiley face? like this :D ? Or like bunnyhero ones?

    Current thought: WHERE THE HELL IS MY UNDERWEAR????

  38. Tom Riddle says:

    Current thought: Ooops, I just pissed in my pants! >:)

  39. Anonymous says:

    can u make a fox as a pet, pleaseeeeeee

  40. susan says:

    this is an awesome site!!! i love the new wolf (i’m very obsessed with wolves)!! though wolves usually have their tails down, not up and wagging.. but it’s still da bomb!!!!!! everything’s so cuteee there should be more sites like this… don’t just make worms and horses and ladybugs and monkeys and.. make every single friggin organism in the whole world!!! jk. just want to say that u have a cool site.

  41. dragondale says:

    hey a dragon would be great!!!!

  42. nyall says:

    well people if u are not dum u would notice that there is a a quick voteing contest thing so voter that most people wont a monkeyn :D so soon bunnyherolab is goin to get the votes look at them see the highest vote then make that animal and he or she is goin to to that every month so that is fair :]

  43. a fan says:

    reli gud but put more animals on 4 me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Zoe says:

    Hey, just a question of interest. What’s your webhost?

  45. monica says:


  46. kitty says:

    you people should be patient but you dont see me nagging for new pets!!!!i liked the old look better.

  47. Taylor says:

    hey, i think a snake,monkey,butterfly,dragon,mouse,bird,gina pig would be soooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so put it on PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. jkkk says:

    put a pokemon in

  49. jkkk says:

    or a monkey/butterfly/snake/dragon/mouse/ bird.

  50. szdsd says:

    or a monkey/butterfly/snake/dragon/mouse/ bird.

  51. hehekimhehe says:

    why don’t you do something differant like a whale!!!!!

  52. jjj says:

    put sonick in.

  53. I think we should be able to buy food and also set up a backround and place for the pets

  54. Madie says:

    This is my favorite site to play on. I think that adding a monkey to the site would be great. I think that a good food that the monkey could eat could be a Bananas or some type of fruit. On the main page you said that you were looking for a food for the cat to eat and made up some foods that it could eat. I was thinking that you could put in a can opener and a can of cat food labeled TUNA would be a good idea. So that all of the people who have cats can drag the can opener over to the can of TUNA and open it and drag it to a bowl that says the name of the cat.

  55. i say says:

    can u please make a horse as a pet please =( ??

  56. Courtney says:

    Can u let the cat come out of the basket and make it food please? =(

  57. PLease!! says:

    can u make backrounds for the animals like the WOLF??? its so awsome. PLEASE =( ??

  58. cody says:

    it looks awesome!np
    mines still working
    see?HA ha!!!!
    dont hurt me!!!

  59. CHLOE says:

    I think U should do a horse. A monkey would be WEIRD!!!!!!!! Anyway……U could have the horse eating hay????!!!!

  60. hi gr8 site but the hamster feed is not verry good so put like hamster food or summit and 4 the tiger put chicken so its something differnt and the cat erm…. i no a bowl with cat food. cya

  61. will says:

    i agree with chloe a hores will be great and i agree with bradley them foods are great to .

  62. trisha says:

    a snake would be good and a bird you could have the snake eating a rat an a bird eating some berries.

  63. crystal says:

    hey having strawberries for a hamster, hedgehog, tiger
    is kinda bad 4 them except 4 the hedgehog
    and i would JUST LOVE if u MAKE ALL OF THOSE

    plz and thnk u

  64. crystal says:

    hey bradley cowling i AGREE WITH U!
    plz horse plz!
    go horse go!

  65. Anonymous says:


  66. katy says:

    i like cheese

  67. Pie says hi says:

    Jus Wonderin is that all da pets u can get because is wonderin if u av more cat versions!

  68. tt says:

    yes a hore pls!

  69. tt says:


  70. Jackie says:

    You need more pets…get mice…a parot….geese…elephant…lion…plus more…