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argh again

sorry, it seems like half the posts i make are about server problems :-/

your pets might not be showing up at the moment, and images on this site might be broken… sorry about that! working on it now.

42 Responses to “argh again”

  1. antoinette says:

    that’s all right. :) Your doing your best to solve it, anyway. It’s better than shutting the site down and saying to hell w/ it.

  2. sarah says:

    I got rid of disco (the wolf) because I was being stupid.

  3. sarah says:

    is there anyway to get my old code back or do I have to re-creat him?

  4. Johanna says:

    I can’t see my pet tiger or wolf how long til I can see them again

  5. Meiko says:

    I did’t realize my lightbulb wasn’t showing up until you said that. xD Well, its good to know you’re alive.

  6. Meiko says:

    Okay, that last scentence came out weird. I meant you hadn’t posted news in over a month. ;]

  7. munchkin says:

    mine arent showing up either, but that’s ok. at least yur trying. (i got 6 pets!!)

  8. Justin says:

    you need to make a dragon cyber pet and have a city back ground and you can feed it people and animals i just thought it would of been cool well g2g later…

  9. nyall says:

    all my 13 pets r working

  10. monica says:

    Thats ok. :-D Keep ur site tho.

  11. monica says:

    Thats ok. :-D Keep ur site.

  12. Meiko says:

    They’re showing again now. Thanks! You’re awesome, Bunnyhero. ;]

  13. nyall says:

    right that was freaky :~ umm i just sed all the pets were working on the syt but i visited my friends syt and the penguin u chuck him a fish and he eats it the you will chuck another 1 straght after u chucked the first 1 and he wont eat it 2 see for yourself click my name and go 2 the page WEBSITE ACTIVITIES and look @ him fanx


  14. bunnyhero says:

    nyall, that’s normal. sometimes the penguin won’t grab the fish in time, it all depends on the timing. you can also try throwing fish while the penguin is in the water, it won’t be able to catch the fish then, either :)

  15. Jennifer says:

    I think you need to make a…………..person and feed it regular food

  16. I just adopted an adorable puppy named Violet. She’s quite hungry this evening. Haven’t you been feeding her???

    Seriously, great site. I hope you get your bugs worked out.



  17. nyall says:

    this messege is 2 bunnyhero how do u get him in the water? :D thanks nyall xxx

  18. cowgirl'z bac says:

    Howdy once again ma friend! Ma Chickens all gone now, o how horrid times. Ya’ll pets are great, n all. And it’s great that even more can hav e lesuire and pleasure of food! Congrats and keep it up partner!

  19. PETSPETCLUB says:

    Did u say all the pets are gone???Not all the pets are gone.I still have my wolf!
    Are u trying to get rid of all the pets???

  20. Iloveyersite says:

    I just wanted to say my webbie is fine and all my animals are showing. I have all the animals and a lightbulb:)Pleez visit my site and book-a-room. It will have furniture and a password and room-service!! Anyone wanting to take this splendid offer visit http://www.thejesshotel.piczo.com!

  21. kara says:

    hi i really like like all the pets ( :
    they really rock
    my pets were still there though
    except i had to delete all of them because they didn’t look right
    so they arren’t really there anymore ) :
    can you make a monkey cyber pet?

  22. -- says:

    at least you’re nice enough to make this stuff.

  23. Alannah says:

    I adopted four wolves, and I take really special care of Tom Riddle, but I take horrible care of the other ones, I don’t only NOT feed them, but I’ll take the meat and hang it over their heads and tease them with it. ^^

  24. whoa says:

    cute site
    i love my hedgehog jessie

  25. martel says:

    wow! this is a very cute website!!!!
    i adopted a wolf and he is very cute!!!!
    this is really co0l!!!

  26. kate&lupita says:

    hey hey nice site the pets are extremley cute!!!!

  27. Tom Riddle says:

    I think you should make a snake and have its food be little mice! That would be cool! Heh, I adopted 4 wolves so far, and I’m going to be adopting another!

  28. kathkath says:

    how do u get a website???

  29. Don’t feel the snake innocent mice!!! That’s evil! YOU CAN’T DO THAT! I won’t let you! Grr! Keep it up! I would like a mouse, because my site is about mice, but I’ll be patient, and I think it’s a good idea that you are doing food for all the pets first – how thoughtful of you!

  30. Robber Baron says:

    Hello. Just thought I’d give credit where credit is due on the pets. I adopted a hedgehog :D

  31. karin says:

    hi what about more background chocies for us i have black i hate it and not sure how to make one or a site that has free ones!!
    can you put music behind them?
    i well be adding pictures because i am going through a rough time right now and writting well have to take time untile my situation is fixed!!!

    but do check for pictures i do love pictures and other things!!
    my friend has a blog here that i do visit!!

    for anybody reading my first blog sorry about that!!!

    i am actually a extermly caring person when i am hurt i say things right now i am incredably hurt!!!

  32. tom says:


  33. petlurver says:

    hi i hav adopted 10 pets from ur syt. their coOoOoOl!! does adopting pets cost money???????

  34. petlurver says:

    hi will u make a cybermonkey or a cyber panda???? please!

  35. a.k says:


  36. yasmin says:

    hey i luv this site hope any 1 mails me and go on me site its http://www.animallovur.piczo.com
    i luv animals

  37. petlover says:

    I think you should make a panda or a bear…please…!

  38. petlover says:

    Your site are so cool!Ithink you shoul make a monkey or a panda or a mose…please…

  39. dan says:

    my petz r fine!they show up defo!

  40. cody says:

    Tee Hee
    MINES WORING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. hilrf says:

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  42. issa(@) says:

    i em from sweden.