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put the santa game on your own website

you can now put the santa catch game onto your own website! this page tells you how.

46 Responses to “put the santa game on your own website”

  1. Lippo says:

    Cool! This is amazing. You should make more games.

  2. kortney says:

    please put the santa game on my site

    thanks, kortney

  3. HELLO says:

    cool!! i got up 2 4020!!

  4. HELLO says:

    8590 now! :) :D

  5. Natalie says:

    good game

  6. simen says:

    i vil have a santa

  7. skike says:

    Yo! Hows it goin!?

  8. Panama says:

    The new game is really great … simple yet addictive! But with just 2 weeks before the 25th Dec, it looks likely to have a shortish lifespan. Could you do something less seasonal perhaps? A bunny catching carrots, lettuce, cabbages etc., and dodging the anvils … or a cat catching fish/mice/etc. Even if ‘santa’ and the snowy background could be adapted through some colour changes into a garden gnome it would be less limited to one month of the year! Just a thought … really liked it though … very clever!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is very good, it’s a great additon to any page.

  10. gpimp says:

    umm this has nothing to do with the post but how cna i get the lightbulb virtualpet?

  11. BB says:

    yo dudtte this is a cool website man, I’ll tell my friends 2 go 2 it. cya later!!!

  12. casey says:

    maybe some of you are to dumb to realise but the santa game as been there since last year…

    anyway good work i like it!

    score 10,845 :P

  13. laura says:

    cool that is wicked me syte is good but will b betta with a game hurrrahhhhhhhh bye bye peeps xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Meredy says:

    It’s so fun!! I always get knock by the metal thinggy!!! @[email protected];; lol!! Anyways, it’s cool!!1 Make more games!!

  15. hannah says:

    send me da game

  16. angela says:

    I have the game on my website.And all the people that go on my website love it!

  17. Diana says:

    hiya!! enter to my page!

  18. Hallie says:

    Cool game! Thank you… I like it very much!!!!!

  19. Eric says:

    score 18,000!! no lie!! :-)

  20. iris says:

    i don’t know why but i can’t get the game into my site plis could u sent it to me? thanks!!

  21. Chloe says:

    I can’t get it on my site plz send it thanks

  22. austin hiers says:

    dude i love this game

  23. kamran says:

    really wicked could be the best game ever

  24. jacob bill says:

    this game is the stupidest game ever

  25. Cat says:

    Great game..really addictive but could be adapted into something else. A different type of year or a different
    theme e.g. Easter.. a bunny catchig easter eggs etc. FANTASTIC GAME THOUGH, KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!

  26. gillian says:

    pleez send this game to my website it well good and i dont wanna keep it all to myself!

  27. gillian says:

    pleez send this game to my site im just getting started and need to get a little puch in the right direction plus dat 1 wicked game.

  28. ellie says:

    kl thnx

  29. chanice says:

    hello can you please put the santa game on my website!!!!

  30. mIR says:

    i want panda pet!

  31. mIR says:

    i want a pet pannda

  32. Mow Mow says:

    Yo I want a Pet Racoon that can be feed and played with I what it DA BOMB!

  33. vinayaka says:

    i want to to put games on my blog
    please help me

  34. joan says:

    i love all the pets but will you give me a pet that can climb trees…and can bathe it and eat nuts…and please put more games for me to play…

  35. kitty says:

    I added the santa game to my site at http://furry-paws-fan-7.tripod.com

  36. zack says:

    um i have every speicies of cyber pet that u can get but i have a few questions and a few suggestions
    1.when is da monkey coming out
    2.u should make the pig be able 2 role in the mud below him if u click on him
    3.u should have a stick to play fetch with the dog
    4.u could feed the cat dry cat food
    5. u should be able 2 take the cat out of the basket
    6. an over all tip u should be able to put color patterns on ur pets e.g. spots or stripes
    other then that your pets r awsome i have told a heap of my friends and we all love them but they need those things i suggested
    please reply about the monkey and i just have one more question

    wat r u going to make after the monkey i like the idea of a panda or a sqirell

    please tke my advice into mind because they would make ur pets almost perfect if it is 2 much just please do as much as u can

  37. chelsea says:

    how do you make thoose games please tell me

  38. chelsea says:

    can i asck you some queistons please dont listen to that boy

  39. elise says:

    i got up 2 5598

  40. hailey says:


  41. ava says:

    i hate my pets