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penguin gets a fish!

the penguin now has a fish you can feed it. it will catch the fish in midair, unless you interrupt it with a poke to the stomach!

all existing penguins will automatically be updated to include the fish, although it may take up to 12 hours from now.

48 Responses to “penguin gets a fish!”

  1. kallie says:

    i wnat of those lol

  2. cow girl says:

    love the O fis a couldn’t do anythin lik it, don no y no un is sayin well don apart from me here, no comments? mad mayb. Anyway nice fis.

  3. alexa says:

    hey the pig is sooo cute!:-*

  4. costa says:

    plz make some more animals cause i like new ones

  5. sidniloohoo says:


  6. Brooke says:

    WOHOO!!!! now they get 2 eat!!!! i think u should make a reindeer 4 christmas! it would be CUTE!!!

  7. michael says:

    wew… its so cute… but can u make some more animals??

  8. Monica says:

    you no… u shuld really make a monkey. a while ago i looked at ur comments on a lot of posts and many of them said they wanted u to make a monkey. i am one of them! if u can’t make a monkey make a ferret!! they r sooooo cool!!! just plz… im begging u srry. well i love monkeys so do a lot of other ppls!! so can u do me some good??

  9. Alannah says:

    I still think there should be wolves, snakes and horses…

    But it’s cool that you made fish, at least, to feed the panguins.

  10. Alannah says:

    Good idea, Monica. One of my friends suggested that a while ago.

    Please make a ferret!

  11. jacob says:

    make a sanke, reindeer, and a crocadile and ill be happy

  12. Matt says:

    hey sweet penguin fish thingy but can u pleeze pleeze pleeze pleeze make a turtle it would be so cool

  13. Ashley says:

    Yeah!! A ferret!! I agree. Another thing should be a wolf. I love wolves SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are SO cute!!!!!!!!!

  14. mandy says:

    you guys should have a ferret and a monkey on there!!!!

  15. mandy says:


  16. Brooke says:

    whoa, that was weird………………….

  17. Alannah says:

    Here; I’ll break it down and make a list…

    ferrets (treat; n/a)
    wolves (treat; piece of meat)
    horses (treat; apple/bundle of hay)
    deer (treat; berries/apple)
    monkeys (treat; bananas!)
    snakes (treat; mouse)

    That should be enough for now. I mean, let’s still be grateful for all of this, but suggesting something correctly and organized is also a good idea, I don’t want to just swamp the person without organizing my thoughts.

  18. casey says:

    i was just wondering how long it takes you to make a new pet?

    personaly im with that small group of ppl who want the rest of the pets updated before you continue making more.

    oh and does anyone know how i can save a pet to my desktop?
    you know incase i go offline for ages or wanna show my friends my pets without going on the net.

    any way keep up the good work

  19. sean says:

    can u guys make a new pet

  20. krisitn says:

    hey i would love a new pet please i beg of u make a new pet like a monkey, frog, or a bear or somthing really cool please thanking u

  21. shadow girl 10 says:

    The penguin’s fish is very cool.
    Maybe the tiger can gets meat or chicken.
    and llama something to drink or eh…
    and >guys make a new pet please

  22. Sam says:

    Is it possible to get a penguin w/out a fish?

  23. sally hi says:

    hi hannah itz sally i luv da website.Jessiez picture is sssssooooo cute!i adopted 3 petz a fish,cat nd a hamsta.

  24. tessa says:

    Can you make a horse? PLLEEEAAAASSSSSSSEEE! for my horseland website? how do you get the fish for the penguin ne ways?

  25. SnickersDog says:

    the fish is sweet!!!!!!!!! I love it. It is so cute. It adds a lot to my site. Thanks once again! You are awesome.:)

  26. SnickersDog says:

    could you please make a squirrel?????????? You could let it have a nut and people would love it!!!!!!!!

  27. john says:

    ya no u should make a killing kitty

  28. john says:

    … soooo make one!

  29. Ali says:

    ^_^ what are you gonna make to feed the hedghog!? hee hee! ^_^

  30. melanie says:


    it is ingenious

    oce again, as i already mentioned, I LUV THIS SITE!!


  31. nina says:

    hello I love pets so can you make
    a bear pliz? the bear can eat meet.
    and can you have wather to the dog pliz?

  32. Elysia says:

    yo – r u going to make a april fools day animal this year?

  33. Lioness says:

    Hey! we should have horses on here! All the other animals are sooooooo cute! This site is awesome!!

  34. bre says:

    i agree with alahnah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Brooke says:

    Yeah!I want horses!!Mmm,and maybe some deer,and….oh nevermind.XD

  36. your mom says:

    dudes, make a guinea pig!!!!!!

  37. Christina says:

    Have some food for the tager

  38. Christina says says:

    Have some food for the tager and some food for the Kitten

  39. Christina says says:

    Have some food for the tager and some food for the Kitten.

  40. krista says:

    This website is awesome!!!!!!////////

    O and HI everybody

  41. crystal says:

    hey plz try to get me a squirrle plz thnx

  42. chrissy says:

    this website is so cool! can u plz make somemore new pets? a ferret, a monkey, a snake, a turtle, a horse and a deer will be nice.
    how many pets have u made?

  43. KATLYN GATES says:


  44. shane says:

    can you make a frog

  45. shane says:

    can you make a frog please

  46. shane says:

    can you make a frog please
    with a cherry on top