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animated pets work on myspace again… i think

as i write this, it appears that animated pets are working on myspace again! let’s see how long it lasts this time. cross your fingers! :) and thank you, everyone, for your patience with this.

53 Responses to “animated pets work on myspace again… i think”

  1. harry potter lover says:

    aww…so glad my little harry’s gonna be back on my myspace! w0ot!

  2. anonymous says:

    mines dont work :(

  3. mselaineus15 says:

    kool im glad ur making more animals but a spider i ask you why not a horse or an pony?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really think you should make background environments for your pets. So they did stuff and you clould watch them. :)

  5. nic-nac says:

    i like mine there cool! but make like something on the lines of ferrets i had 4 of them and i would like if you had one! met me at http://www.gamesareinfo.zoomshare.com im the creator of it bye

  6. Amy DeLuca says:

    i can’t post my bunny i created on xanga.it won’t let me for some reason. can you help me?

  7. alex says:

    dude, mine’s still not working. should i wait it out or delete my code & re-paste, or paste a livejournal code?

  8. bunnyhero says:

    alex: delete your code and repaste it, that should work.

  9. Gabby says:

    This is really cool it looks great on my myspace!

  10. alex G says:

    hey mine isn’t working either.you should make a horse but a Tennessee walking horse and do backgrounds.also make more food and you should make a real hand that reaches out instead of the mouse.cya

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s cool that the animals show up on myspace, but they aren’t showing up anywhere else! I’ve tried every link and they don’t show up on my FP (Furry Paws) blog anymore, like they used to.

  12. i wanna laama says:

    Mine doesn’t work on myspace :(

  13. emy says:

    I love ur site and all the cute little animals! If u do interact and make a hand for them and backrounds or whatever ur gonna do dont go overboard like neopets and make like mechandise and sell it or something. Thanks for listening.

  14. anonymous says:

    i like ma pet!!!!!!

  15. amanda says:

    i love horses could you make sure that theres a horse pet thnx and also how do you put a pet on msn space tell me how plz

  16. bunnyhero says:

    to put your pet on your msn space, please see this help topic:
    how do i put my pet on my MSN space?

  17. sawyer says:

    can u add more pets

  18. Jasper says:

    its not on my myspace.

  19. tinkerbell says:

    my doggy wont go on my page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Arya says:

    Ermmmm…don’t know about everyone else, but us Eragon geeks would be oh so happy if it were possible to make a dragon pet…I mean, come on, it’d be so cool to put one on my myspace! Please….

  21. tacoflavormxcn says:

    i like the spider.. i named mine spud.

  22. Brooke says:

    well that’s good that the animals r up on myspace again. :)

  23. Brooke says:

    ew………….pleez, no dragons, god that’s just weird.

  24. samantha says:


  25. CANDYGIRL says:

    i’d just like to say that this is my all time favourite site! you’ve helped me soo much with my website needs and you explain everything so thoroughly! The virtual pets are awesome! i adopted them all! now my site is going to be the coolest ever!! again thank you and i looovve yooouu keep up the magnificent job!You’re the best!:)

  26. Sarah says:

    Can someone tell me how to get a pet? like a cat or a dog or a duck or a lama? lol or a giraffe lol

  27. ella says:

    i think it’s cool!

  28. Andy pandy says:

    i agree make a dragon!!!!

  29. merk says:

    I think you should make a MONKEY!!!

  30. dominick says:

    dude i want a parrot on my myspace leave me a message or comment on my myspace lesving the website for codes please!!!

  31. ash says:

    ooh a parrot would be soo cool!!

  32. DS says:

    How do you make or add more pets?

  33. DS says:

    can some1 tell me?

  34. lil_sexi says:

    It would be SSOOOOO awesome if u made a monkey! They’re like the best!

  35. lil_sexi says:

    Wat do u guyz think would be the best pet 2 add?

  36. lil_sexi says:

    Wat do u guyz think would be the koolest pet 2 add?

  37. lil_sexi says:

    Well, L8rz ppl’z

  38. Elysia says:

    Hi… Ummm, i really love your pets but would absolutlly LOVE it if you made a little lizzard with a white background… Or maybe in a tank with a log and some grass or whatever. Also, do you know how to make the pets so that you have to feed them for them to survive or whatever? I think it would be better… Anyway, thanks! Bye

  39. u know ur site is really the best. I forget how you copy and paste, though…..

  40. Masonsmommy says:

    Can you please make a giraffe??? I have a giraffe page at myspace and I need a giraffe to go with it. You would be surprised how hard it is to find giraffe stuff for myspace anywhere!!!

  41. monkey lover says:

    why dont you make a monkey because lodse of people are monkey lovers well der it wont take much just to take 1 more thing so comman give it a go

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. ASHLEY says:

    I want dragons and horses

  44. Tory Hart says:

    I Like love my FERRET


  45. Chelsea says:

    Im not shure how to get one of these “Myspace Pets” but if somone could please contact me to tell i would gladly apreciate it

  46. How do u make a freakin pet says:

    How do u make a pet

  47. i love harry potter more then any 1! says:

    i think thats awsome!

  48. fiona says:


  49. derek says:

    could u make a virtual horse?

  50. crystal says:

    well mine work actaully

  51. larissa says:

    how do i put my name as my background on myspace

  52. larissa says:

    how do i put my name as my background on myspace???

  53. Marissa says:

    Why isn’t the cat jumping out of this basket?