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server problems again

sorry!!! i know the pets aren’t working again at the moment. i’ll be bringing a new server online soon, hopefully that will help. meanwhile the pets may be hit and miss for the rest of the evening.

sorry about that!

13 Responses to “server problems again”

  1. Terri says:

    Its working fine for my website which is http://www.dogbreeds.zoomshare.com.

  2. Brooke says:

    yeah most of mine r working.

  3. JoeC says:

    yo dude, y’r pets are soo cool! thx for sharing your work and letting us adopt them. got mine a hamster. keep up the superjob. Bunnyhero RAWKS! Cheers mate!

  4. Kyo's_Girl07 says:

    Yo, this website ROCKS!! But not as much as Kyo… But um.. Yeah, I hop eyou get the server or what ever fixed cus i cum here all the time and im waiting to adopt another new pet!! I have all of them i love them to death!! i even have an orange cat named KYO! yeah uh ByEaS

  5. gen says:

    it doesnt work on xanga

  6. I love your pets so much! they’re so cute and attract a lot of attention to my site. thanx

  7. HALEY says:


  8. emily says:

    your web is like…………………………………….wooooeeee!!!!!!!

  9. crystal says:

    ya all of mines(which is seven) is working smoothley and perfectley!

  10. crystal says:

    hey bunnyherolab thnx alot for letting us adopt these animals
    i adopt seven thank you sooo much pal!and i just adore me crystal
    (my wolf that is)^__^

  11. crystal says:

    i love u cause i always wanted a pet but my parents wont let me get one sooo thnxs

  12. :D Nyall :D says:

    crystal enough comments

  13. Emily Jackson says:

    Hey, you have cute stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    iILOVE IT!!!!!!!!