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small update for piczo and funtigo users

i know that some of you who are using piczo or funtigo sometimes have problems moving or deleting your pets from your website. i have now added new code for piczo and funtigo users on the codes page (the last step when you adopt a pet). if you use the piczo/funtigo code, you should now always be able to move and edit your pet!

in other news, i know there hasn’t been a new pet in a while. please be patient! i will be starting work on a new one soon. what kind of animal, you ask? it’s a secret :) thanks for your patience!

154 Responses to “small update for piczo and funtigo users”

  1. Angelique says:

    I wonder what the cyber pet will be.Maybe a horse, a cat…?

  2. Paradise Searching Child of Ice says:

    START WORKING ON IT!!! I hope it;s a wolf I really hope it’s a wolf GOD DAMN BE A WOLF!!!! *prays it’s a wolf*

  3. Howdy again partner. (I ain’t gay n all i jus say it as a welcom)i got me last break today, jus started! The farm is settling i got me break, everybods hapy. I jus wanna say you take ya time n all. Tis no rush makin those pets. Everybods sould say wel don! Not do tis n do tat. Take yal time. Well, i see ya’ll (or write ya’ll) later. I gotta do me tes so i can hav a real pet! My first horsy! I’m not an infant but I like calling horses horsys! Good day!

  4. I ain't given my name to a computer call me no name says:

    Dude, can’t read ur text. Sorry. Anyway, on the last comments there was this girl called Stacey. Is it me or she’s just a little weird? Gotta scare the birds? Like who works in a farm? Maybe you could make a cow, just for her… I’m not that nasty for a boy though. Honest. Can you have something for BOYS though? Like have a ball for the dog or something. Maybe have a pet footie? Just for a day? PLEASE! There you have it. You’re got a boy begging you to do something boyish. Well done.

  5. Brett says:

    ::raises hand for Wolf:: Yes that would be cool. But take your time on it and make it the coolest yet. With multiple toys. I would get that in an instant. I dare you! UH OH! cant turn down a dare can you? if so you will be harassed as a WIMP! Cant life with yourself knowing your being called a wimp can you? so make a WOLF!

    haha i am bored.

  6. Laura says:

    Hi! I’d just like to say that they should make an owl, dolphin, or frog.

  7. kayetlynn says:

    I say You should make a wolf!!!!! they are so kool

  8. Haley says:

    Hmm…yes, wolf would be nice but I vote for dolphin. Yes. -nod nod-

  9. hanikins says:

    hey i luv this syt hehe um i think it should beeeee aaa seal lol oorrr a frog lol hehe anyhu ttylz hunniz byez xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Austin says:

    I vote for the wolf…or frog..or ball for the dog..or ALL OF THEM!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!


  11. Austin says:

    yep go wolf…

  12. jadeavius says:

    Your pets are exceptional. I have most of them on a blog I made just for them. I love being able to look at your graphics for free, but you should really consider doing graphics proffesionally. Maybe you could make the little helper graphics on Microsoft Word or something. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to your next pet, whatever it may be.

  13. cody says:

    make it a badger!!!!!

  14. SilverTouya says:

    I vote wolf as well and a ball for the dog would be nice to ^.^

  15. Xxk2005kxX says:

    i want a pet for my site!!

  16. Austin says:

    BADGER? YAY BADGERS!!! and wolfs..and frogs..and..balls..ew that doesnt sound right….lol

  17. anonymous says:

    i think that you should put more things in the fish tank and be able to give the dogs toys and the penquin can jump in the water and then like more stuff for them to do like be able to mke the hamster drink or something cuz its kinda boring!!!! and my animal wudnt show up on my freeweb how do i get it to work?

  18. andrea says:

    id luv it if you made a cat that wasnt in a basket n that has treats and miows :-) at the min my fave is the dog, hes so cool n cute

  19. cody says:


  20. Haley says:

    -nodnod- Yes…maybe you should give the dog a toy to play with, and make it so the cat can do more than just sit in its basket.

  21. The love machine says:

    They should make a love dog who can breed with a female dog and have babies. Like , the babies last for a day but if you don’t feed dem doggy food they die, yea, or nea?

  22. VballQueen_Chick says:

    I want a wolf! have run creating a new cyber pet LOL and maybe have more things to do with it~!

  23. John F. Bono says:


  24. jonathan says:

    u should make a turtle or a horse or a donkey or an elephant or an alligator or a frog or a wolf or an ant or a lobster or a badger or a lemur or dolphin or a squirl or a person or a giraffe or a rhino or a flamingo or a kangaroo or rabid austalian sheep dog or a buffalo or seal or an owl or monkey

  25. paige says:

    umm maybe u could put a turtle! that would be awsome it get like 10000000 of them and i need one for my turtle web. oh please make a turtle please! thanks:)

  26. Tasha says:

    a wolf would be pretty cool!!!!

  27. Tiiu says:

    I’d go with a wolf…..*raises eyebrow* man, you commenters are really weird. give the person who makes these some time. honesty. It probally takes alot of hard work to make all these. take time and appreciate what the person already did for god’s sake

  28. ZhaoSiJia says:

    could you PLEASE make a cute dolphin and fishes to feed with and hoops to jump over?? THANXZ! i’ll appreciate it…

  29. Austin says:

    how about a…..chicken or a parrot… There will be a list of words for the parrot, because when you click on the words he will say the word you clicked on, and for the chicken…..um… i dont kno, but who cares? PARROT AND CHICKEN…and wolf…and frog…and badger

  30. stephanie says:

    Grr…The one that that said piczo doesn’t work for my website…

  31. mandie says:

    i vote for a wolf.

  32. Suga says:

    I think it should be a MONKEY!

  33. Lizzy says:

    can u make a moving animation pet for MSN space? coz ill really appreaciate it!! my friends sez that just seeing the still picture isnt fun enough..

  34. Austin says:


  35. turtle says:


  36. Coni says:

    god its a hedgehog….

  37. Coni says:

    o w8 its not a hedgehog they were already there

  38. Dr Joebob says:

    I want a cow!

  39. Keya says:

    I agree with the gurl I think that there should be animals that breed so that there could be little babies……………nd u should get to name them

  40. anonymous says:

    what ever happened to the dragons you were going to make? i think that a monkey would be really kool. or a horse or frog or dolpin.

  41. alura of exortia says:

    hey i would love for u to make a fox or a wolf thosre would be awsome i also want one like that to put on my website!!!!!! your pets are awsome^_^

  42. Jj515 says:

    A turtle would be nice. (:

  43. Jj515 says:

    A turtle would be nice. (:
    Good work on the cyber pets, hehe, I wish I could do that..
    I need a flash program though..right.?

  44. dalia says:

    i think the new cyber pet should be a cute animal then everyonw will want him

  45. Anonymous says:

    watz up every1 in bizland :P lv zoe xxx

  46. rosie says:

    i think there should be uuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm………. an elephant! and a rhino! and an octopus! hahahaha LOLOLOL

  47. The love machine says:

    I need a cyberpet- now!

  48. The love machine says:

    hello, i am an idiot, maybe because i’m getting impatiant for the pet to come

  49. Austin says:

    um i wonder when it will be ready…meanwhile :-)

    / \ lol

  50. Austin says:

    I KNOW!!! IT SHOULD BE A SINGINF PEANUT!!!! lol jk i think it should be a monkey or a wolf AND THATS FINAL!!! but still put the cat out of the basket. WHO’S EVER HEARD OF A CAT IN A BASKET?:-)

  51. Kace says:

    more pets, we need more pets hehe ive alredy made one of every kind.. possibly two of some of them, we need more… may i suggest a snake or parrot hee hee

  52. Paradise Wolf says:

    man this pets taking foever in a year it MUST be good if it’s taking this long!

  53. Rylee says:

    could u please make a rat. i have a pet rat home you see and i would like a cyber rat on my xanga! thanks! have a good day!

  54. Monchy says:

    Hey WOLF please!!

  55. sem sem says:

    make a cactus!!!!! ’cause cactuses will one day rule the world

  56. sem sem says:


  57. I ain't given my name to a computer call me no name says:

    HELLO! you haven’t updated it for a LONG time, r u alright?

  58. I ain't given my name to a computer call me no name says:

    I fancy a girl named maria… (i was dared to say this)

  59. I ain't given my name to a computer call me no name says:


  60. I ain't given my name to a computer call me no name says:


  61. bunnyhero says:

    sorry everyone for the lack of updates. i’m on the road, so i’ve barely had any time to work on the site. it will be a bit longer still before there’s anything new. sorry about that. thanks for your patience…

  62. Katherine says:

    Have you ever seen the bunny with the pancake on it’s head thing? It’s here. Maybe you should make that into a pet. OR maybe you can make the old bunny have a pancake on it’s head! That would be cuuuuuuuuuute! Another pet you might consider doing would be a lobster or a horse. ^-^

  63. Austin says:

    A lobster? What do you do with it? Crack it open and put melted butter on it? Than eat it? lol jk but seriously, what do you do with a lobster? :-D just curious…

  64. alura of exortia says:

    i really really want a wolf

  65. Jynexia. Taverns says:

    i really hope its like a parrot or a dolphin,or a wolf! that would rock when is this new pet coming out?

  66. Jynexia. Taverns says:

    hi it’s jynx again i think u may have too make a racoon
    they rock (so dose ur site!)
    rock on

  67. Jynexia. Taverns (lol no seriously thats my name and yes i am english) says:

    when is it coming out????!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna no i have no patience!!!!!!!!! lol no but seriously you should tell us what it is and when it’s out!!!!!!!

  68. Austin says:

    Ok i vote for a wolf…..and thats final….but when is it going to be ready?

  69. Sophie says:

    A HORSE!!!!!

  70. Sailor Yue says:

    i would love to see a frog!!! tho im running out of name ideas. ive named 3 of my pets, located at movietome from my friends, others cartoon character. tho i may have come up with one. now to choose a color…anyhoo. i cant wait for the new animal. (lol, why not get Animal te muppet :P )

  71. Rinna says:

    ….what about a sheep? XDXD

  72. Brooke says:

    HORSE or bird? choose 1!pleeeeeeze!!!???

  73. lauren says:

    if u read this notice and if u nootice this notice u will notice that it is perfectic

  74. faiza says:

    i luv major

  75. julian says:

    hi how r u, how come wen i add a new window in piczo it says erro likhtml or something

  76. me says:

    i think it should be a little frog cuz it woulg go wid my webby pleez make it a little froggy xxXXxx

  77. ? says:


  78. Kimberley says:

    Hi I’ve joined I really hope it’s one of these animals your going to make these are the animals Horse,Wolf,Dingo or anyyhing intresting so get to IT!!!!!b

  79. Adnan says:

    hey go ob ma site

  80. Kristi says:

    I wonder … maybe it could be a horse. That would be cool. or a spiderr ewwwww and when u click on it it spins a web GROSS!!

  81. steve says:


  82. Raymond says:

    i think u should let us make what we want ok please let us make wat we want

  83. jess says:

    i dont get da whole pets thing n i dont wanna sound thik but will sum1 explain it to me and how do u get cursors and music on piczo???

  84. donna says:

    i like the piczo and if you like min too so you can send me a pic of the picoz to so i put on my piczo to so send me one plz

  85. Hanni says:

    get a guniea-pig and lots of different types of each animal

  86. martine says:

    hi chek out me site pepps

  87. charl says:

    a HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz make a horse i wud be so grateful!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx

  88. chaz says:

    pretty plz make a horse id be so gratefful
    luv me!!!

  89. chaz says:

    make a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  90. mostafa says:

    hello there plz vivsit to my new website

    Thanks alot

  91. Amy says:

    i think it should DEFINATELY be a giraffe. that would be the coolest thing!!

  92. giara says:

    ur all crazy foolz

  93. xxconairxx says:

    hi your side is very very good but i can speak german and you???

  94. xxconairxx says:

    make a horseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. justine says:

    iya i think ushould have a dolfin they are really cte and most girls love them like me plzzz gte a dolfin

  96. chelsey says:

    cheek out my site

  97. jess says:

    put some bloody parrots on eya hunnies

  98. melad says:

    yo this site is ill check out mine u need more pics iight pyce halla bak

  99. amy says:

    a monkey i think would be good it u could tech it stuff i think it would be good if you could have snow man.

  100. amélie says:

    sa sdes mon site ses le plus bo o mnde!!!!!!!!::P

  101. charley says:

    hey hey hey :)
    urm i luv bunnyherolabs :D its funny :P and i think you should make a sheep!!!

  102. Zoe says:

    :O i fink u shud make an animal lyk a dog or a cat (dats not in the basket) that u can dress up, dat wud be so cool lil bows nd collas :-) lol XxX

  103. anna says:

    i think u shud totaly make a sheep! it wud rock!

  104. MOOOOOOOO says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well how kwl iz this site ay? i am luvin it luvin it luvin luvin it!!!!!!! I think peeps should give poor bunny hero a break!!! we av pets so just b happy tht they r free!!!!!! dnt make demands on the poor bunny!!!!!!

  105. holly says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiya there miss cherry here u need a revamp totally an a bit of colour

  106. morgan says:

    how do i get a pet??????

  107. shanice says:

    how do u get a pet??????????????????

  108. poop says:

    ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmu all smell!LOL

  109. Cajun shrimp says:

    how about seafood characters like shrimp,crawfish,or crabs.i live in louisiana and we lovved seafood!!!!!!!!!!lol

  110. can enybody tell me how to use this im new !

  111. Ipodcrazy says:

    Plz go to my website!!If you like green day, I have a page where you can listen to it live free!!IHATEBUSH!!!!!!!!!!PLZ go to my piczo site!!!:D :O :P :> :0 :) :*

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  113. Anonymous says:


  114. melad says:

    Piczo is the best!!!

  115. kayleigh says:

    i love my website but i whant some cool pictures

  116. kayleigh says:

    piczo is the coolist website i have ever been on but so is toxxic and glittermaker

  117. leanne says:

    how do u make a website

  118. dick says:

    yttytfuyjgyhkgjkhkmgh ggjh

  119. jessica says:

    hello nice site you rock!:P

  120. Anonymous says:

    hello nice site you rock!:P

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  122. Josh says:

    go on mi webby plz

  123. Ratleg says:

    i think you should make a rat. I want a rat. If not I’m going to google ‘cyber rat’ =D eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh bye.

  124. sinead says:

    helloo plz make a horse pet i would lurv a horsy pet bcoz i own 7 horses nd there all da bst ever and i know loadza ppl who want a horsy pet thnkuuuuu xox sinead xoxo

  125. nadia says:

    Pourquoi tai Facher

  126. nadia1 says:

    :( pourquoi???

  127. gir;lk says:

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  129. sam says:


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  146. Rhia says:

    hey, john, u just nicked my idea. lemurs are my fave animal, so bog off leur nicker. just like to say, a Ring-Tailed Lemur! lol xx