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duck upgrade!

the duck has been upgraded! it now walks around, and you can feed it bread. check it out!

26 Responses to “duck upgrade!”

  1. Shishiwakamaru travling with Touya says:

    Shishi: yay revlot for the duck woot! he finnaly moves ^____^
    Touya: movin ducky! >.> bread now I’m hungry well the ducks finally cool!!
    Shishi: the duck was always cool ^__^ it is not worthy to be named after me *runs off to adopt-a-duck*

  2. Rita says:

    Aw, how cute!

  3. SilverTouya-sama says:

    ^__^ llamas,fish oh birds..some one requested a pheniox before that’s sweet and a good idea! I just got a duck I named it “the greath shishi ducky maru!” now the duck is fun cause before it was the boringest one YAY DUCKS!

  4. Nadya says:

    I would LOVE if u made a monkey! Their my favorite animals!!!!

  5. SilverTouya-sama says:

    ^__^ if you make a badger can you mae it dance like in badgera badgers badgers englad england? (movie herehttp://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/footy.php) ^__^ this is the coolest badger movie it would be really cool dancing badger

  6. Mariah says:

    Hmm, mine doesn’t seem to work. It still does the old things. >.<

  7. bunnyhero says:

    Mariah: try clearing your browser’s cache and then try again. you can find instructions on clearing your browser’s cache from this page.

  8. megan coffelt says:

    my hamster wont go on my xanga site!!! its bugging me.
    p.s. plz make a turtle that dances

  9. mei says:

    great!!!!!!!!can it be more food and i want so game~~

  10. Well done says:

    Everyone keeps asking you for all sorts of animals but I’m sayng well done. You’re made great things, I would award you with praise. Bye!

  11. hayli says:

    make somethingtjing new for all the animals its getting boring on this website. make it so that all the animals can eat. and maybe the duck could lay an egg.

  12. hooley says:

    man i can’t get my beautifully awesome orange penguin on my exanga site :( no funn otherwise! i figure it out eventually!!! love ya ~ hooley

  13. Brett says:

    u should make a lion!!!! PLEEEEEEZ????

  14. bunnygirl2190 says:

    cool i like to feed the duck :) u should update the bunny so u can feed it a carrot.

  15. run out of luck says:

    u should update the llama.. i wanna be able to feed mine or something.. it needs to be able to do something.. the hamster has a wheel and u can feed the fish.. the llama really needs something.. anything

  16. Some Chick says:

    Hmm.. i dont really understand what this is for.. but heck its perdy awesome.. yeep.. Well ya’ll should make some more like a fish, a monkey, a whale, a turtle, a rock.. omg i would love a pet rock.. lol later days

  17. Arlene says:

    Are you going to update the bunny?If you do,If we already put it on our website,would we have to make another one to see the what else it does?

  18. Vixxelinn says:

    WOO chatspeakplz!
    Just kiddin’.
    I love these Cyberpets and am currently lookin’ for how I can use them– when I get my site up I’ll try that.
    I love how you did the rabbit- it does a little binky! My rabbit does that; jumps oin the air and twirls. So adorable!
    Though I agree, you should update the old ones first, like the rabbit. Or you can slightly change kitten so its arm can stick out of both sides of the basket-small change but a good one.

    My friend suggested something for the llama- if you click in a random space in its box, it’ll spit at it.

    Anything you come up with next would be great, like the guy up there said, you can make a lion. Hey, maybe you could have it so you can choose the gender! Like, the male would lay aroound and growl, and if you clicked on him too much he would roar. And the female would pace around and growl, roar, and purr.

    This is me annoying you and not using chatspeakplz.

  19. Shelby says:

    Cool. But it took me a minute to find the bread though.

  20. This is a great site but u need to get more animals and upgrade things like so you can feed all of ur animals and if you dont they will die

  21. Tree Flower says:

    maybe you should listen to that luck person and make a pet rock! ^^ it’d be so cool, you could make it flip over or something! < (^-^)> HUGGIES!

  22. Fushi says:

    I got a duck named Tori no Miku! Yaaaaay! ^^
    Do you think they could make virtual rats? *huggles pet rats*

  23. Kit says:

    you should update the bunny it would be cool to feed it a carrot

  24. Jeremy says:

    I recently got a new duck. I love it so check it out at http://clik.to/jeremy

  25. Angelique says:

    I think that the ducks are much better, they used to be soooooooo boring!

  26. nyall says:

    thank you for the hay :) :D:):D:)