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you can now adopt llamas in the cyberpet adoption centre!

and in the next few weeks i want to upgrade the existing pets. stay tuned!

66 Responses to “llamas!”

  1. Ryan says:


  2. Courtney Boutin says:


  3. Hillary says:

    shoosh ryan.. llama cows suck and llamas RULE! yay for llamas! good job, weird tho.. cuz i was thinking “wouldnt it be cool if they had llamas” and then you have them.. o.O STOP READING MY MIND!! >.< *runs away*

  4. emily says:

    i love llamas! now can you make pack mules?

  5. kam says:

    Ok dude Llama’s ROCK! Thats right ROCK and what are Llamacows?? any how Llama’s rule ! It’s what you’ve learned today!

  6. Crystal says:

    what’s the next one yer ganna have? i love seein new ones!

    haha and the llama was so funn! mine’s lime green.. haha and its so funny when yu click on it’s head and hold it down.. lol its funnyyy! :)

  7. Sheena says:

    I Love LLamas!!!They’re my bestest friend ever!

  8. Cody says:

    make BADGERS

  9. chelsea says:

    yo dude i think u r like way awesum only now u should like have a baby turtle to play with bc my sister had two turtles but they were really stinky and they died real quick but if u do it now i can just play and they wont stink and i wont have to clean up!!!!!!!!
    or u could like have a long-haired dog like a cocker spaniel that would be the best bc i have 1!!!!!

  10. chelsea says:

    yo dude lamma s r kewl but turtles r better plus it wood b even more awesum if u had a long haired doggie like a cocker spaniel bc they r was coolnes bc i like hav 1!!!!

  11. chelsea says:

    omg guess what i named my lamma teena 4 all u napolian dynamite luvers out there!! check her out at http://www.xanga.com/kiwistrawberrysmoothie

  12. Janice says:

    ALL is adorable!!! dude the llamas are OCKING MY SOCKS OFf MAN OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock too!!!!!!1

  13. Rachael says:

    u kno what? thats really awsum, but wat i really would like to suggest is M-0-N-K-E-Y-S! I love those wittle cute wittle monkeys! so cute! but hey, omly if u wanna [[cough cough, put monkkeys cough cough]] LoL, but keep up the g0od work! ;]

  14. kayla says:

    you need to make ferrets. theyre the best pets of all

  15. emily says:

    hey i luv the tiger!! if u put yur mouse by its mouth when it’s laying down, it’ll eat the pointer!LOVE IT!!!

  16. mollie says:

    llamas are cool but you really really really need to put TURTLES on plz plz plz coz i reallly really like turtles so plz put them on

  17. Michaela says:

    how a’bout pigs, they would be mad cute


  18. Camille says:

    how bout camels??hehe.. no , snakes!

  19. Alyx says:

    Dude u really need to make a wolf. How aswoem would that be?

  20. michelle says:

    uhhh for some reason i can’t get more than one pet on my xanga….and the one i have is not where i want it to be….can you help?

  21. michelle says:

    for some reason i can’t get more than one pet on my xanga and the one that i have isn’t where i want it to be…. can you help?

  22. sombody speical! lol says:

    dude i love the llamma!
    you should make a chinchilla next they are so kool!

  23. cody says:

    please make badgers

  24. Shishiwakamaru travling with Touya says:

    Shishi: do birdys!!!!!
    Touya: >.> ha I got my animal before you *hugs penguin*
    Shishi: curse you you freakin penguin lovin freak!! llamas huh? I”ll go look but really DO BIRDYS!!! or I shall go evil on you
    Touya: he dosen’t mean iot he’s physco and jealous! well I have alot of suggestions
    Shishi: you better say bird!!!
    Touya: >.> yes yes calmness!!

    list of animals that would be so cool if you added

    1. Long haired dog
    2. badger
    3. birdy (parrot like)
    4. wolf
    5. fox
    6. uhhhh horse!!!
    7. guinea pig
    8. chinchilla!!

    Shishi: *puppy eyes* pwease?
    Touya: ^^ awwwwww!!

  25. skittles says:

    LLAMAS WILL RULE THE WORLD! The ellies love llamas, cause they are great. You should listen to the llama song over at albinoblacksheep.com. It’s hilarious.

  26. Jenica says:

    Make horses or long haired dogs or cats that aren’t in baskets or frogs or snakes or mice or deer or unicorns! Or horses or ponies or unicorns or centors or horses or horses. Paweeeeeeeeeese do horses. *does cute face like puss in boots*

  27. Jenica says:

    Do horses Paweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese I love horses! Horses or Chinchillas!

  28. Jenica says:

    horses horses horses do horses!

  29. sombody speical! says:

    You Should make an elephant!!!!!!

  30. sombody speical! says:


  31. sombody speical! says:

    elephants and chincillas and froggies and chickens and deer and cheetahs and A CD PLAYER!

  32. Shishiwakamaru travling with Touya says:

    Touya: chinchiila’s rock they have the dust and then your allegic and you sneeze and they loses there tails!!…wait that’s freaking awesome ohohoho a chinchilla parrot! chiparhilla?

  33. Shishiwakamaru travling with Touya says:

    oh and if you do make birds then don’t put it in a cage T.T case I know why caged bird sing! XD

  34. heather says:

    i think that u should come out with birds

  35. Cody says:

    MAKE BADGERS!!!!!!!

  36. sombody speical! (who likes chincilas and elephants) says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze please please please please please please Make chincillas!!!!and please please please make ELEPHANts!

  37. Shishiwakamaru travling with Touya says:

    Shishi: AND BIRDYS!!! I shall make mine purple and name it after me the great shishiwakamaru
    Touya:*snuggling his penguin* I wuv you penguiny

  38. DeadDragon says:

    I like the Llama… It is cool! Turtles are my favorite animal though, I would love to see what you could do with a Turtle… O.o Although, you’re probably swamped with other people continusly spamming up the comment board… *Looks up* Hey, I was right!!

  39. Love the pets but I think you should let me help you. I could make some too but you get all the profit and money and stuff like that. Teach me how and of we go! Please, this will help me in ICT and since all of my family have ICT related jobs please help me.

  40. chrissy savopoulos says:

    Llamas are soo gnarly dude!!! hehehe…their soo hawt<333

  41. kanyata says:

    the duckie is cool it can quack!U should put in Monkeys or parrots or a wolf if u want too…But still Llamas are cool!

  42. kanyata says:

    I have 4 pets!My duckie toki,my dog dazy,my llama komishi,and my kitten tomiki!I am thinking of getting another pet.

  43. megan says:

    lamas are ok, but what about making a hippo, elephant, cow, or a seal!! or have you ever thought about making a little home thing where people could adopt as many pets as they want and put them in the home and the animals could interact? but people could also mke little cages for some animals because not every animal would get along??

  44. ivar says:

    llamas are ssssoooooooooooooo awsome dude

    oh yea u should make a sea lion that wuld b ssssoooooo kool

  45. Lydia says:

    I cant even cut and Paste the cide its all a piece of crap

  46. jac says:

    what the heck do u do with theM?

  47. Tree Flower says:

    you should make the llama wear an I *heart* Napolean Dynomite! or maybe a Vote for Pedro =P

  48. Kristen says:


  49. Kristen says:


  50. Kristen says:

    umm so My Llama is pimp and so is my tiger which is black so her name is Panther

  51. LB says:

    UMMMMM u should make llama/duck/bunny/cows!!!! That would b awesome! But da llamas r kewl 2 but a llama/duck/bunny/cow would look kewlio!!!

  52. LB says:

    UMMMMM u should make a llama/duck/bunny/cow!! That would b AWESOME!!!!! the llama is kewl but a llama/duck/bunny/cow would look kewlio!!

  53. xgitrdone57x says:

    LLAMAS ROCK!!!!! llama song….duh

  54. Crystal says:


  55. katy says:

    you should definately make a cow. they are awesome!!!

  56. rachel says:


  57. rachel says:


  58. rachel says:

    DUCK!!! end of song: llama song

  59. rachel says:

    DUCK!!! end of song: llama song

  60. rachel says:

    did u like the song??? (lol)

  61. Amanda says:

    It would be really awsome if you made monkeys on monkey bars and gave them bananas…and I think you should come up with an accessoriy for the llamas they rock my sox! Keep up with the good work!


  62. Jen says:

    My llama named Tina rocks, but she would love to have a horse as a friend. I’m only asking because she keeps bugging me about it, but a horse would be fierce!!!

  63. Tina says:


  64. Becky says:

    LLAMAS rock my socks YEY.
    i love llamas but strawberry cows scare the hell out of me!!!
    X )

  65. Felenta says:

    How about a…. Camel, or…. a whale? SHAMOO WANTS ‘IS SPOTLIGHT!!!!!! :(

  66. barbara says:

    i LOVE llamas.