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i have to apologize to users of msn spaces. i thought that the pets were working with msn spaces, but apparently they weren’t, for most of you!

anyway, when you adopt a pet now, and you get to the last page, you can scroll down and find a button for msn spaces. click that button, then go to your msn space, start a new blog entry, and paste (ctrl+v). your pet should appear directly in your post!

please let me know if it doesn’t work for you. i have only had time to do limited testing.

thanks everyone for your patience!

13 Responses to “MSN spaces”

  1. Me says:

    I LOVE the fishes can we have a kangeroo for a pet? Glad you have done 2 more pets all of the sudden.

  2. Crazy says:

    But on Msn Spaces it doesn’t move… Why?

  3. bunnyhero says:

    unfortunately they won’t move on MSN spaces. MSN spaces does not allow flash. sorry about that.

  4. blob says:

    giraffes would be awesome ;)

  5. ziza says:

    what do you mean with: start a new blog entry?

  6. bunnyhero says:

    for information on adding a new blog entry, see the MSN spaces help pages.

  7. olger says:

    yes i doit and affluent work thanks

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. jen says:

    i think it would be kool to have a pet frog or snake oo!ino a turtle deffenitly a turtle!

  10. Sweetie says:

    That’s too bad! :(

  11. nyall says:

    on msn space i tried it today it dusnt wrk

    p.s why cant you put aninmals on the bunny hero labs messege board i use messege boared to put it on it dusnt wrk