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limited edition pet!

it’s the most-requested pet ever, and we’re finally bringing it to the adoption centre!

that’s right… for a limited time… today only… you can have your very own…


go get one now while you can!

offer good for april 1st only! :D

6 Responses to “limited edition pet!”

  1. Hannah says:

    If possible, please make more of your virtual pets. They are all so cute, I have made one of each^_^ I have told friends about your site as well. Also, I like the puppy the best because he is more interactive than the others, you can make him jump for treats and pets him tom make him bark. I also like the tiger becasue he purrs when you pet him. The puppy is the most fun though, to see him jump for the treat and come running back for more. I would certainly “visit” my pets a lot more if they were more interactive like the puppy. Thanks, and I look forward to your new works.

  2. Freezair says:

    Heeheehee! Cool! I adopted one, just ‘cuz.

  3. Kurisumasu says:

    there so cool make a seal next

  4. ping says:

    hahah i adopted a lightbulb =)
    i was confused at first but its pretty neat =D

  5. soph x says:

    they r so luvly, the penguin is so adorable when it falls over (gave me and my m8s hours of laughs…) and the kitty with its new toy, and the dog…well they are all pretty cute! i missed out on the lightbulb one cos i only discovered this site today! nooo! keep them comin!!

  6. Stacey says:

    I woz ill when the lightbulbs where there, that ain’t fair! What do they do anyway?