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new pet!

the adoption centre now has tiger cubs! rawwr!!

25 Responses to “new pet!”

  1. Vandeth says:

    hey! i love ur site! ur pets r so cute n cool! but i was wondering how do i get one of my pets to play with the other?

  2. Mary says:

    Yeah..it’s my tiger <3 *proudlook* ;o)

  3. bunnyhero says:

    unfortunately, right now there is no way for the pets to play with each other. you can only play with them individually.

  4. kattia says:

    mm.i dunno how to put my pet in my web site.!!???
    help me plz.!

  5. bunnyhero says:

    to put your pet in your MSN spaces site, you need to use the “livejournal” version of the code. that’s the code that’s in the second box of the final step in adopting your pet.

  6. LLAJ says:

    I love the pets! My brother and I each adopted two. The tigers look great, and I love all the actions they do. The dog jumped up for a treat and i was like WOAH. I jumped too! lol. Anyways, great job! I love them! It would be sooooo cool if they could interact!

  7. LLAJ says:

    Oh yeah, I wanted to know if there was anything else to do with the peguin. I feel so bad pushing it off the ice!

  8. bunnyhero says:

    hi, that’s all you can do with the penguin right now. maybe i will add more activities someday… not sure when that would be though…

  9. Freezair says:

    Oooh! I know! The penguins could dive for fish! ^^

    I got a tiger cub and named it Apollo, since the character named Apollo in the story I’m writing is a were-tiger. ^^

  10. LLAJ says:

    Okay. That’s cool.

  11. dcum says:

    heck yess these things are awsome,you should put tons of new animals on everyday,im telling you these will be a hit!

  12. someone says:

    sooooo awesome!! im gonna tell all my friends about this site. im still finding new ways to play w/ the little animals

  13. kayla-rika-nicole says:

    Cute!!!! =^_^= LOVE IT!

  14. Ashley says:

    I think you need more pets that can play with each other and have more interesting moves and toyss like the cat n the dog. The dog has treats n the cat has a toy. Maybe you can have food water n toys n let them play with each other on each one. That would be awesome. Try it. And people check out my xanga! my user name is good_charlotte123 check it out. It’s cool!!

  15. Ashley says:


  16. Monique says:

    hi umm i was wondering do the bunnies have anything 2 play with and the cats??

  17. Monique says:

    hi umm i was wondering do the cats and bunnies have anything 2 play with and will the tiger cubs have sumthing 2 play with ??

  18. Devyn says:

    UMM………i dont know how to put the animals in my xanga it is making me mad I NEED help. I dont even know how to visit my animals at your site I really need help!!!

  19. amira says:

    what do u do on here? please can u tell me

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Angelique says:

    I think that the tigers are so cute < ->

  22. rosa says:

    i got my tiger cub to attack and growl at me once. I don’t know how to do it. Will someone please tell me? Thanks.

  23. magalie says:

    please can i adopter a cat and a tiger

  24. faithlynn says:

    hi im not sure what i can do wit my tiger smuffer, i like the ones you can feed but i was wondering what else can i do with my tigger? if you can help let me know, please.