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just in time for valentine’s day, we now have some e-greeting cards you can send! at the moment there are only two, and both are valentine-themed, but i hope to have more later.

what makes these cards different than the zillions of cards you can find on other sites? these animated cards incorporate your personal message right inside the animation, instead of just on the side or below it, which i think is kinda cool… i hope you do too!

hope you like them. check them out now! :)

6 Responses to “eCards!”

  1. Autumn says:

    I got an idea could you make a froggy virtual pet and a v-day card of a froggy? Please? Thanks!!

  2. ??? says:


    you start of with an egg. It hatches the next day and you get a dragon! Soon it grows to be big and strong, you can fee it, battle, go placs with it, that’ll be SO cool! Think about it. Oh and can you make a frog in the adoption centre!

  3. Leti-chan says:

    Awesome site! Love the adoptions! :D

  4. lucie says:

    WWWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!I just love ur pets! can u work on an elephant??i love the peinguin!

  5. lucie says:

    MAKE A ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!

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