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monster attack returns

monster attack is back, for now anyway :) i’ve got some of the images hosted on another site, so hopefully that will spread out the bandwidth and the number of http requests.

for those of you who have asked if you could host this or something on this on your own site, i will probably open the source code and let anyone at it who wants it. i’ll have to figure out which open source license to use first.

thanks to everyone for visiting! the monsters love you :-D

4 Responses to “monster attack returns”

  1. Chris says:

    Any updates on releasing the source code? I’m really intrigued by this project and would love to learn more. DHTML is still rather new to me.


  2. NuTTyGUY says:

    Thats an awesome page. I’d like to setup a mirror on my server whenever you release the source…

  3. jack says:

    i realy want the code for monster attack, i have looked all around the internet for something like it but i cant find anything! Please could i have the code.