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adopters list slow updates

sorry for being so behind in the adopters list. i’ve updated it some but not completely… i’m about 4 days behind! thanks for your patience…

also, i think i may add a search function to the adopters list, since it’s so crazy long now! and maybe some sort functions.

5 Responses to “adopters list slow updates”

  1. Manda says:

    you should add things to the other petz like there own special treats like the puppy. a rabbit could have a carrot or something and the penguin could have a fishy^_^

  2. sunghyun says:

    this is like random news, but my bunny’s SICK!! TT-TT

  3. sunghyun says:

    hi this is like strange news but, MY BUNNY”S SICK!! TT-TT

  4. moncowmoo says:

    i think u should try to make a panda pet.. it would b wicked cool.. cuz yeah every one loves pandas cuz tehy r soo cute!

  5. Brittney says:

    you definately should make the dragon, that would be awesome, and maybe a horse, or pony .. keep on making more adoptees .. I luv them!