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first, let me thank everyone for all your dragon suggestions! i’ve already been checking out some of the movies and books and sites mentioned, and i will be getting to the rest of them soon! and i also see that many of you want to be able to raise dragons from an egg, etc. so i will take that under serious consideration.

however, the dragons are a lot of work, and i don’t want to ignore the rest of the site while i’m working on it. so i am going to work on other things as well. unfortunately this means that you won’t see any dragons till at least a couple of months from now. and you will be seeing other things pop up on the site (new pets, for example) before you see any dragons. sorry about that… but not to fear, the dragons are still coming! it’s just going to take longer than i had hoped.

thanks everyone for your support!

8 Responses to “schedules and stuff”

  1. Cath says:

    I can wait!!

  2. Cassie says:

    Aww… darn. -pout- Oh well, take your time. Can’t wait for the dragons! In the meantime… How about a Fox pet?? :B That would just rock my sawks off.

  3. Cat says:

    *sobs* Take your time, i guess*sniff**sniff*

  4. Jennifurrrrr says:

    A fox would not only rock my socks off, it would rock the house! :-)

  5. Shad says:

    Okay! I can’t wait for the dragons! A fox would be cool too! Please, please, please! Thanx for listening to me!

  6. NoelShell says:

    can you make a pig? twould be way awesome

  7. sunghyun says:

    Don’t Get a lot of pressure from everyone. Nice website by the way :)

  8. Ronnie says:

    could u make a cow pet, that would be really cool