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pet images – back up temporarily

hi cyber pet adopters–

the pet image hosting is back up, at least temporarily. i am working on a more permanent fix– probably involving getting another host to serve the images. while i am getting that in place, there’s a chance that your pet images will go missing again for a short while, in the future. i promise to keep any interruptions as brief as possible.

thank you for your patience, and thanks for being such good pet adopters!! the animals are so happy!!

One Response to “pet images – back up temporarily”

  1. Felicia says:

    I love my penguin. He rocks. I have a small, umm lets say obsession for penguins. They are everywhere I am. My house, my car,my desk,at work, and my body. Yes! I have a penguin tatto. =) Thanks again. He rocks and so do you!!!!