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an odd animal

the new pet is a sloth!

these slow-moving mammals hang upside-down from trees and sleep a lot.

adopt a sleepy sloth today, won’t you?

165 Responses to “an odd animal”

  1. Echo says:

    Ooh, thank-you !! >w<

  2. Bushbaby says:

    Its soooooo cute!!!!! Thanks!

  3. No one says:

    Cool the links on the animals do not work for me! Also i think you should create a bear!

  4. koiboi59 says:

    Awesome pet! but please make a dinosaur

    • 1kyw says:

      wow dude what kind? cmon help me out here bc i sent this guy a list of a lot of cool ideas one of them a sloth i also think it would be great to have a dinosaur so i was just curious as 2 which one also when i sent him that list t had t rex but idk what do u think?

  5. kysillygirl says:

    thanks bunnyhero

  6. Zoë says:

    Does it wake up at all? It’s sorta boring but it’s still cute! And you should make an elephant and a raccoon!

  7. aloobah says:

    Could you make a Dragon next i love dragons sooooooooo much i would be very happy ^_^

    P.S:I love the new sloth!^_^

  8. geckodude says:

    sloths cute and funny but all you can do is pop its “z”s and click it to poke him(if you pop a lot of “Z”s or poke him alot does he wake up?)…..the monkey design was good, the click and drag ragdoll theme was one of your best works,the fish and bat both follow the mouse around the screen which never got boring really( i still have a bat and fish bookmarked). thank you for the sloth bunnyhero.
    ( pls reply because i feel kind of cruel poking the sloth so much :D

  9. kysillygirl says:

    i apot three cause they are cute but i wish they would eat

  10. Shadowheart_MCR-fanatic_wolves-rule_ says:

    Yea, the sloth is cool…but kinda boring. I think you should make a raccoon or some other wild cat species, a bear would be cool too!

  11. Cereal says:

    Nice work! It’s kind of funny how it never wakes up(I mean in a ha ha ha sort of way funny) and it looks so cute just rocking on its branch!

  12. dragon master says:

    It is cute. To bad it doesnt wake up. Do a dragon next.

  13. warriorfan#7 says:

    You should make a Cheetah or a Elephant or a racoon. The sloth is funny and boring though

    You rock Bunny Hero

  14. Lila says:

    Awwww, he’s so cute, especially in white! I with we could play with him, or at least feed him! Thank you for all your “pets”-they’re adorable and I always look forward to new adoptables. Good luck!

  15. Anonymous person says:

    rawr, Please add a dragon!

  16. Anonymous says:

    pretty please make a dolphin. the sloth is cute

  17. JJavabrowndragon says:

    Wow, dragons sure are in demand, eh?
    I like the sloth- very cute, nice and simple!

  18. c says:

    make a dragon pz

  19. Zoë says:

    I think a dragon would be alright, but I really want a raccoon or an elephant!

  20. Hallie says:

    Make a dolphin! You don’t have any ocean animals yet!

  21. Raven Lewis says:

    Nice job, but why the sloth wouldn’t eat or play? I think a new pet like an unicorn (in mythology) or a zebra maybe better. Whenever, I love the new sloth ;)

    • Raven Lewis says:

      And I have an idea, why don’t we have any sea-animal or flying-animal. I think have somebody want to have a flamingo, a dolphin and a parrot. Please do that.
      Best wish,

      • Raven Lewis says:

        Hey, why hardware-store don’t have new pet huh? I want to have an eating-plant or a flower or plant.

        • Raven Lewis says:

          And you should make a new pet have title: BEBO.COM ONLY, I think it really great :D

          • Anonymous says:

            you crazy :O i love the snaucher but mymoom wont let me have it because she says its bad ifluence

      • dogs rule c says:

        we have a bat as a flying animal!!

  22. catlover says:

    cool!…… but can you add more stuff?

  23. Luke Skywalker says:

    Can you please make a dragon pet?It would be awesome!

  24. Cereal says:

    Don’t rush him, everyone….It taks more patience to make these things than to wait for the to come out. And bunnyhero’s the only one on the crew for this Website, so it’ll take him a while to make new ones.

    • Kristina Deturkey says:

      ya. but I thought we were just giving suggestions ???? ;) but it would be nice to know when he is gonna start the new pet?

  25. Nicole says:

    I think you should make another type of dog, and I hope it’s not bebo only.

  26. Kristina Deturk says:

    I love the animals u make!!! But the sloth is over the top and I was thinking that since all u do is click on the sloth…. why dont you make it fall off??? I think u should make a snake cause a snake could be in a basket and u can whistle it out with a snake charmer. you could also feed it rats too. I also think a good animal to make would be a cow! You could feed it grass and Hay, you could chase it around with your mouse and it could say MOOOOOOO!!!! Thats my opnion what do you think?

  27. a girl says:

    how about a AWAKE sloth? a sleepy sloth is booorrrring!

    • dogs rule c says:

      dont be rude!! bunnyhero said’its supposed to be boring’

      • Anonymous says:

        people stop complining afterall he did relis it on april 1ist

        • Kristina Deturk says:

          true he did but it is a new animal. Still just because you dont like the sloth doesnt mean everybody doesnt …

  28. koiboi59 says:

    Dragon would be ok but seriously please make a dinosaur.

  29. Kara says:

    Haha! Very Sloth-like!
    -pets sleeping sloth-
    It makes me remember Ice Age O_O

  30. kysillygirl says:

    i think you sure make a gizzey bear or black bear and maybe a racoon or a rat

  31. loli says:

    i love all of your animals can you make a DOLPHIN i love dolphins plz

  32. Cadence467 says:

    Cool can u make a dragon plz.

    • kysillygirl says:

      a lot of people want a dragon i do to can you maybe make one please realy me and let me know

  33. Jashin's Cheetah says:

    I think you should make a cheetah or unicorn. A pterodactyl would also be cool.

  34. Raven Lewis says:

    When he made the fox, it faster than he make the new pet now. Why the new pet can’t an alien? :-/

  35. Raven Lewis says:

    Hey guys, if you don’t know how to adopt pet “Bebo puppy
    please add my Yahoo I!D, I show you how I can do that.
    Tell me what I can and I’ll show you I can!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ah…Uh…again, I’m suggesting a raccoon. If this seems to be rushing you, I’m sorry.

  37. koiboi59 says:

    Raccoons might be cool. I still think dinosaurs should be made (sorry if rushing you bunny hero)

  38. Kristina Deturk says:

    hey i was wondering when the next pet will be made???

  39. nataliaaa says:

    it will be madeee tomorrow! it will be a sexy beast cause everyone wants to but a sexyyy beast especially nataliaa she isss myyy cuzzz

  40. nataliaaa says:

    andddd idkkk whenn theees next does anyonee have anyy suggestionss to makee after teh sexyy beasttt???

  41. kysillygirl says:

    what is he making a new pet

  42. koiboi59 says:

    beside a dinosaur can you make a hardware store pet please?

  43. Jcy says:

    The sloth SUCKS majorly. all it does is lie around and the only thing you can do is poke the zzzzzz!!!

    • Cereal says:

      If you don’t like it, just don’t play with the sloth. Complaining will get you nowhere.

    • Anonymous says:

      hey y so much complaning?afterall he shown it on APRIL 1RST(april fools day) duh

      • Emma says:

        ttly agree. plus if u dont like the sloth dont get!
        there problem solved.

        srry if that was 2 mean.

      • Emma says:

        if u dont like it, dont get it i mean u dont hav 2 make that big of a deal out of it i mean no offence but seriously.

  44. koiboi59 says:

    Didn’t you see what he said? it’s supposed to be boring.

  45. Anonymous says:

    can you make a elephant PLEASEEE!!!!

  46. Raven Lewis says:

    I think a Pokémon is really stylish. A Bullbasaur : if you want to see it, please follow this site: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pictures/anime/anime001.jpg
    Or a Chikorita is fine (I love it so much ;) ). If I can adopt, I’ll very happy :D .
    That’s my idea.Tell everybody what you think?

  47. Raven Lewis says:

    I’m sorry. This is the right site: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/animepictures.html

  48. kiki says:

    i love the sloth…
    they are funny..
    hmmm… how about a… frog or snail or butterfly


  49. Annie's Zoo says:

    Hey Bunny Hero! I hope you read this because I’m a big fan! Ever since you first started I have had at least 2 of your animals. I even made a little blog (I only just started it after the animals had been scattered everywhere) and it’s like a zoo. They all have little stories from when I was young, (I know that sounds weird but it only took me like 10 mins) and I want you to look at it (it’s really retarded but its kind of like a tribute in a weird way…)
    Love the good work!

  50. kysillygirl says:

    Annie’s Zoo you are soooooooo awsome i hope you apot wolfs

    • Emma says:

      I ttly agree! ur comments r awesome and i luv the zoo idea!

      thanx! luv,

      P.S. ur really awesome! :)

  51. Kristina Deturk says:

    :) hey dude love ur website when u gonna make another hardware store pet??

  52. kysillygirl says:

    a t rex would be cool

  53. kysillygirl says:

    bunnyhero hope you read this think you so much for make the pets and are you make a new one

  54. a girl says:

    make a flamigo please bunnyhero i beg of you!!!

  55. A****** says:

    Hi! I’m A**** could you make a ball of fuzz or a siamese kitty? I beg of you! It would be soooooooooo cool!

  56. Kristina Deturk says:

    heyyy u should make another pet, I bet we are all wondering with a thrill what the next pet will be? ;) :) :D

  57. Hi I’m Amber it’s fun to talk on here and it would be cool if you made another hardware store pet like a… a… Belt!

  58. a girl says:

    I gotta idea! a WEASEL!!!! plz make1 4 me pleeeeaaaaaase?

  59. Zarzar says:

    I am a big fan of ur site!here are some ideas for pets,hope u like ‘em!a dinosaur or lizard,a bear,a crocodile,maybe a godzilla too!plz?4 meeee?senserily,ur no.1 fan!

  60. Emma says:

    its ok, i mean its really cute but sorta boring.
    hey could u make a elephant? i luv them so much! Or could u make a squirrel? thanx


    P.S. thanx! hope u will read this! :)

  61. Emma says:

    So, im still wondering, r u ganna make anymore pets cuase i think an elephant or a squirrel or racoon would b awesome!thanx


  62. Emma says:

    so im still wonderin if u r ganna make a new animal soon, not to rush u or anything but like,could it b an elephant or a squrril or a racoon? Plz! thanx

  63. Emma says:

    so im still wonderin if u r ganna make a new animal soon, not to rush u or anything but like,could it b an elephant or a squrril or a racoon? Plz! thanx!


  64. boxchic:) says:

    SO R U LIKE A GUY OR A GIRL? my cousin thinks u r a guy but i lik dk.
    sorry, but i was just wondern

  65. people! says:

    bunny hero is a guy and he is hot! and delicious like cant u tell how drEAMY HE IS!:_)

  66. po hjhh says:

    bunny hero is a super hot and delicious guy! cant u tell i am his bigest fan I LOVE U SOOOOOOOO MUCH BUNNYHERO!

  67. SAAIL says:

    I want a snail whit peel:) Can you make one? (L):)

  68. SAAIL says:

    I want a snail whit peel:) Can you make one? (L):d

  69. if you want this to website to be better then add some new animals

  70. Anonymous says:

    hi all,hey,bunnyhero can you make some animals like dragons or dinasours. FOR GUIDE ENTER http://kcoyote.deviantart.com/art/Create-A-Dragon-78055600

  71. dalek says:

    please make a bear or a beaver or a racoon or eagle or even a lizard

  72. geckodude says:

    a dragon would be great, the reptile room and other catagories for pets to be in would be cool, a robot would be nice because that way you don’t need to make is movements lifelike, by the way
    people bunny hero is a guy, on the about page it says his name is wayne a. lee

  73. katie says:

    mr bunny, can you make a girraffe?they are my friends favorite animal and i want to email her a birthday present!

  74. icarly fan says:

    MONKEYS LIKE CHEESE MUFFINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  75. Amber says:

    Oh! Maybe you could make a cow! Or a wrench! Or a screw!

  76. Amber says:

    Oh! Maybe you could make a cow!

  77. Mewoe says:

    Wheres the racoon!!! But eny way,the sloth is kinda good,but make the next one extra fun!Oh and by the way,I love your animals pets and hardwere pets!

  78. bulhorn says:

    you should makea walrus in the wore box you could have fish

  79. Anonymous says:


  80. josh hodgson says:

    i love the sloth. but i think a kangaroo would be awsome

  81. josh hodgson says:

    or maybe something like a girraffe or a dragon

  82. Anonymous person says:

    I agree the sloth is boring but if some ppl like it then ok. An eagle would be cool! u can mak it land on a branch that u can hold with ur mouse or something…

  83. Anonymous person says:

    OMG I LOVE POKEMON!!!!!!! PPL say hats weird cause im a girl but i dont care! If bunny hero made a pokemon it would be so cool…..

  84. Anonymous person says:

    From now on im Princess Darkrai…

  85. Franci says:

    Csacska angyal!!!

  86. Franci says:

    Hogy vagytok?
    Remélem jól!

  87. awesome101 says:

    no offense but this isn’t your best work. It doesn’t do much. Maybe you should make a dragon.

    • bunnyhero says:

      no offense but maybe you should notice the date on the post. april 1st. does that mean anything to you? duh.