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another surprise pet for april 1st (i hope)

sorry for the long silence again, i’ve been busy with non-website-related work…

i hope to have a new pet ready for april first. no clues this time, except maybe the date ;)

99 Responses to “another surprise pet for april 1st (i hope)”

  1. awsome says:

    hi this is awsome i am SO excited i hope its an elephant or a racoon!! and ps if this is too personal tell me but um what was the non related website work?? please reply!!

  2. kysillygirl says:

    i but it will be asome

  3. salmuchis says:

    plz! plz plz plz plz!!! a flamingooo plz plz plz!! i will be extremly happy if u make one!! plz!!!! well.. see you plz reply

  4. cat lover says:

    i hope it is a raccoon!!!

  5. Raven Lewis says:

    Really? I want to have a kangaroo and a squirel so much!

  6. Emma says:

    i hope its a dolphine! :)

    • dogs rule c says:

      this is for Emma and dolphine_lover.dolphin dos not have an e it is spelled D-O-L-P-H-I-N

      • awsome says:

        um excuse me there is no reason to be mean they probably new that and just wrote it with an e 2 make it look cool!! either way its not nice to b so critical!!

        • dogs rule c says:

          im just saying and your the one being rude you probbly corect people all the time

  7. I love dolphine !! They are soo cute i love it
    i hope its a DOLPHINE :D

  8. roni lionesess says:

    i love puma

  9. Wolfbabe says:

    Give us a hint, Bunny-boy! Do it or I shall get Elmer Fudd! XDD

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope its a mouse

  11. Anonymous says:

    or maybe a rhinocerous


  12. 5785 says:


  13. Cereal says:

    I don’t know what it will be, but I’m looking forward to it!! You know I love all your pets, and I hope that nothing bad happens to you this time. But whatever will be, will be. Do your best!

  14. warriorfan#7 says:

    Hey, you make the coolest pets. I don’t care what it is. I hope it is somthing funny or goffy if it will be done by April 1st. For future pets may I suggest a racoon or a non real animal like a dragon or a unicorn. You should also mabey make new hard ware pets. My favorite are cats or big cats, so my choice might be like a cheetah cub or somthing like that. I know how you have a lot of work, Thanks for working so hard!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hmm.. April 1st.
    A loch ness monster? LOL.
    Or perhaps you’re just tricking us since it’s April Fool’s Day and there’s really no upcoming pet. O:

    Hoping for a… dugong !!

    Thank-you for all the wonderful pets. :D
    I will love whatever you come up with next.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    plz a platypus!! I just love them!

  18. steven frfr says:


  19. steven frfr says:

    hi people

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Shane says:

    THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just the thought of haveing a virtual pet is awesome

    Hope you feeling better Bunny Hero, YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!


    Cant wait for the new pet, whatever it is, IT WILL BE AWESOME!!


    Shane, aka, SMILEY SHANE


  22. geckodude says:

    ………..does any one think anymore? or is everyone only smart enough to breath and submit stupid comments? am i the only one who has questions about what type of flash bunnyhero is using and ideas about simply taking old pets and using them as a template to create many pets very quickly? ……

  23. I hope it’s a Komodo Dragon, a Dodo, a racoon, a Velociraptor, a dolphin, a monkey, a Giant ground sloth, or a Warrah (an extinct south american dog that resembles a fox).

  24. koiboi59 says:

    I beg of you, please make a dinosaur. I really want a dinosaur so badly. please respond

  25. Cereal says:

    I’m glad to see my idea about the raccoon is still floating around…

  26. Anonymous says:

    elephant its got to be if not ill be mad with bunny hero and never come

  27. aloobah says:

    Let me guess its a donkey? you said its associated with april the 1st thats april fools day so it must be a donkey!

  28. C. says:

    Could you make a donkey? hihihihi!

  29. Anonymous says:

    come on bunny boy give clues
    its not like its so obios everyone will figer it out with a single clue.

  30. Kenna says:

    Yay!!! Another pet is coming!!!!!! A Raccoon would be fantastic! I also think a stapler hardware pet would be really kewl!

  31. Deidara says:

    I hope its a mouse!

  32. Mudkipz says:

    Maybe more hard ware!!!

  33. Mudkipz says:

    I reakon it could be:a stapler,a racoon,a mythical creature of some sort,a lepricorn, =D!!!and thats all. ^_^

  34. Anonymous says:

    it must be anelephant

  35. yo2me says:


  36. Anonymous says:


  37. Kitsune says:

    make a racoon, chinchilla or dragon plz!!!

  38. Garry says:

    GIVE CLUES!!! :mrgreen:

  39. Garry says:


  40. Anoymous says:

    Give clues or else I will never come to this website again!

  41. geckodude says:

    im sorry for being negative but i just want to give suggestions and ideas to bunnyhero and know his answers and stuff without the “i want a (insert animal here)” comments and people begging for clues when i have sugguestions like : idea of making pets that can have two colors (eg:red lines and purple inside filling) and allowing people to copy a template and ms paint it or photoshop it to show there own pet designs…….. the possibility that bunnyhero is just going to stop reading comments because of those silly comments is annoying to me

    • awsome says:

      okay look still bunnyhero probably loves a good pick me up by laughing at those stupid comments!! not everytihng has to be so over the top and its not rocket science anyone can type a comment have you ever heard of the land of the free god bless the usa??!!?!?! i mean seriously im not trying to be mean either but people like you get on my nerves when they try to make everything so serious and they try to be the next einstein(idk and idc if i spelled it rite!!) anyways if you still dont understand wat im saying let me explain it so that even you geckodude can understand D O N ‘ T R Y 2 B S O S M A R T A N D S E R I O U S!!!

      • geckodude says:

        sorry, i like the funny comments just not the random ones, i dont want a argument over a bunch of comments i just want bunny hero to know about the idea of making pets that can have two colors (eg:red lines and purple inside filling) and allowing people to copy a template and ms paint it or photoshop it to show there own pet designs

  42. koiboi59 says:

    i just need to as how the raccoon idea got so popular? also a dinosaur would be awesome or better yet several types of dinosaurs

  43. THEREALDEAL120 says:

    PLZ GIVE CLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Raven Lewis says:

    I hope I can sleep all day! ;)

  45. Raven Lewis says:

    I think everybody want to have each pets in there: elephant, raccoon, dragon, dinosaur, chinchilla, stapler, donkey, mouse, platypus, lochness monster, dugong, cheetah cub, unicorn, rhinoceros, dolphin, puma, kangaroo, squirel, flamingo.
    Who agree with my idea please stand your hand or reply for me!

  46. bunnyhero says:

    ok, one small clue. the name of this animal is five letters long :)

    • awsome says:

      omg its a …………………………………………………….bleep sorry this computer went blank!! sorry

    • mudkipz says:

      …..um where is this web site posted cause i’m in Australia and its april fools!!!!

      • bunnyhero says:

        the website is in north america. however it won’t be ready right at midnight in my timezone… it’ll be ready sometime on april 1st, hopefully the morning :)

        • Raven Lewis says:

          Allright, you won. Can you tell us what is it?
          [P]S: Today is Wednesday, April 2nd, 2009. When we can adopt the new pet, huh? =((

    • Emma says:

      so like, ok i no what it is thanx!


      P.S. i thin u r the best!

  47. geckodude says:

    5 letters? maybe its a mouse or a ………………oh my god………it might be a gecko!

  48. koiboi59 says:

    Gecko or mouse Awesome!! maybe its a snake that would be cool. maybe it could be a compy from jurassic park

  49. mudkipz says:

    CHIMP!!!!!still lepricorn was good! =D

  50. mudkipz says:


  51. Raven Lewis says:

    I think it must be a zebra! My logic says so!

  52. Anonymous says:

    that sloth is so pOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooring!and ilike this!

  53. Elemental-wolf says:

    Im hoping its a raccoon, theyre soo cute^^ I would soo happy

  54. Anonymous says:

    whats the suprise a sexyy beasttt!!! i i woulddd like thattv pettt youuu shouldd think aboutt addingg thattt!

  55. nataliaaa says:

    whats the suprise a sexyy beasttt!!! i i woulddd like thattv pettt youuu shouldd think aboutt addingg thattt!

  56. gorgle says:

    this is so stuppisd why should i wait? give me an answer. u stink like my grandmas frenchfries.go eat ur ownnija pie and lett me eat mine. jgshjhsklgt ugbevtyi nfgsdnfbn i hate u!

    ps make sure this animal is worth waiting 4!

  57. gorgle says:

    i am srry 4 my out burst

    it beter b a lepurchan or i will hunt u down. My name is Darrik and im not afraid of u and ur ninja swrd. beat that!

  58. Emma says:

    i think i hav an idea on what the animal is! i cant wait! i luv all the animals so far so this 1 should b great 2! thanx


    also, my fav is the fox, pig and tiger! thanx!

  59. Emma says:

    i cant wait! i luv animals soooo much and i am just sooo excited!