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fox update

hi everyone, i just wanted to let everyone know that i am hard at work on the fox. i am feeling better now after the surgery, so i am able to work again. sorry for the delay, and thank you for all the kind comments regarding my loss of sparx.

26 Responses to “fox update”

  1. Raven says:

    Sir, I don’t know that you read my reply yet… But I’m very happy you were fine… I want you know I love Bebo so much

  2. roni lionesess says:

    waht the fox is done ?!

    • bunnyhero says:

      no, it’s not done yet. i am still working on it.

      • dogs rule says:

        i think you should add more to the hardwere store like hammers,nails,plyers and other tools

      • FOX FOX I WANT A FOX says:


        I WANT A FOX!!!

        But I’ll wait… :)

  3. kysillygirl says:

    thank you for still working on the fox

  4. Cereal says:

    Do your best!!! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better(i already said that, didn’t i?).

  5. Kenna says:

    We’re all really glad you’re feeling better :) !!!

  6. Reagan says:

    Hay there bunnyboy! Feeling better? I sure hope so! Just so u know, I luuuv FOXES!!! I have a stuffed 1 named Aladdin.

  7. Wolfbabe says:

    Glad you’re better Bunnyhero!

  8. Dog Paws says:

    Very glad your all better

  9. roni lionesess says:

    do the fox done today ?

    • dogs rule says:

      YOU ARE REALLY RUDE AND SELFISH TRY BEING NICER AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Babyboo says:

        You are mean…Of course its not gonna be finished in just one day…You dont care for other people..!!

  10. girl40086 says:

    Good Bunnyhero you recover, we are now eager to put your work in the fox

  11. Gemmie-SRXG102251 says:

    Oh..a fox!! I am so excited to adopt it!..Cause you see all the pets you created are in my webpage!! It will be great to add another pet..I wonder what should i name it..??? When is the fox gonna be ready? late or early? Any of those will be fine..I will wait until you finish.. Good luck, i hope everyone will like it!! Take care always

  12. Babyboo says:

    oh..i hope it will be fantastic!! Is there any chance that you can make a bunnyboo?

  13. hi i LOVE FOXES bu isnt there a cance you can make a tiger ITS MY FAVORITE ANIMAL but the one u alredy have is too cubish :(

  14. I LOVE Foxes!!!! says:

    Bunnyhero Labs, are you almost done yet? Because
    I’ve been waiting for the fox for a while. And since your Cyber Pets are drawn so good the fox will probably look REAL nice!!

    So how much time left Bunnyhero Labs?????

  15. Guinea Pigs Are So Awesome says:

    I like foxes but guinea pigs are way better… I was SO happy when your Guinea Pig came out!!! :)
    But I can’t wait for your fox either

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ooooooooooooh, you recovered!!! :)
    That’s good news. Oh and how long till the new fox?

    Again, I’m sorry about your little Bunny.. :(

  17. callidryas says:

    I look forward to your next creation… I hope it’s a snake… I Love Bunnyherolabs!