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thanks everyone for being so patient. the new pet is ready and it is a ferret!

did you know that ferrets are still illegal in california? you can find out more about the plight of the california ferret owner at www.legalizeferrets.org.

i hope you like the new pet! thanks everyone for guessing :)

50 Responses to “ferret!”

  1. Katie says:

    It’s SO CUTE!! Great Job! :D

  2. Silver says:

    AWSOME! Soo cute! Mine is named Jak. :)

  3. kysillygirl says:

    thanks for making a ferret i love ferrets o and can you make maybe a shark or a whale

    • bruna says:

      why that?
      a ferret is soooo much better than shark or whale.
      you cant even have a shark or whale for
      a pet.

  4. Katie says:

    HAHA!! yeah you should make a donkey!!

  5. rebecca says:

    aaww sooo cute. its the cutest one thanx. maybe could u make a lion

  6. kysillygirl says:

    make a lizred

  7. hibye says:

    make a dolphin

  8. thend0 says:

    great job please make some mythological creature mr bunny

  9. ratchet with a sore throut says:

    im really new i started today this site is awsome i like adopted almost allof the animals but yeah goooooo ferrets and i agrre with thend0 make a cockatrice or a basilisck maby a unicorn idont know why im saying unicorn because im a dude i guess i was just putin it out there.

  10. ratchet with a sore throut says:

    i live in CL and i think they should make ferrets legal here

  11. ratchet with a sore throut says:

    a cockatrice is a dragon/rooster. (cock means penis now but back then it ment rooster.) a cockatrice can do anything you want it to do.for example it can spit fire,kill someone from a mile away,go into peoples dreams ect.

    i bet a lot of you learnd right now about a little bit of mytholigy.

  12. ratchet with a sore throut says:

    and history

  13. Obermudawebkinzchef says:

    cOOL can u make a unicorn plz plz plz plz plz! It would be cute

  14. Anonymous says:

    Great job! The ferrets are…..interesting. ^_^

    This website’s really cool.

  15. peggyelly says:

    i love the ferret could you make a snake…..snakes r cool unless im actually holding one….ew

  16. Froggy says:

    Mr. Bunny, could you make a frog with flies or crickets to eat. I collect frogs!

  17. marina says:

    that is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute serousily i will take it and maybey u will want to trade in one of my pets with urs

  18. CDW says:

    You should make a cryptid such as the creature of montaray.

  19. CDW says:

    You should make a cryptid such as the monster of montaray. or even bigfoot.

  20. Cryptid fan says:

    yeah or better yet mothman he is one scary dude.

  21. itsfunhangingitloose says:

    it so gangsta

  22. Anonymous says:

    a cavy?

  23. i think he is cute but he folows you around alot

  24. bruna says:

    i have two ferrets named katie, and star! but they are really bitey if you dont teach them.

  25. Taylor says:

    Can you make a tiger cub? and a python?

  26. Taylor says:

    Oh and the tiger cub has a mouse to play with and to eat is a milk bottle and meat chunks,and the python has large live rats and… what does a python like to play with?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Make an El Chupacabra,they have snake tounges,missing teeth,weird skin and suck animals’ blood,obviously because chupacabra means goatsucker look it up for more details and maybe you could put a dead animal body so it can suck out the blood

  28. NO ONE KNOWS... says:


  29. Jalen says:


  30. Emma says:

    Hi can you do a dolphine ? Please you’re pets are so cute