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where is bunnyhero?

i know it’s been waaaaay too long since there have been any new pets. and perhaps some of you have been wondering “where is bunnyhero?” so, i thought i’d write a little update of what i hope to do with bunnyhero labs…

first: i am close to finishing a new pet. i hope to have it ready within the next couple of weeks. i will give you a hint: this animal starts with the letter ‘F’. it should be pretty easy to guess, but i’m not going to tell you if you guess right or not :P i hope you will like it, in any case!

once the new pet is released, i want to add user accounts to bunnyhero labs, along with more pet customization. i want to make it easier to add custom backgrounds for your pets, as well as having more items for your pets. however, this might mean another long gap before you see another new pet, because i am the only one working on this site so adding major new features takes a long time.

after that, i have some other ideas for new pets and new features. i just hope i can get to them all. each pet is a lot of work to make.

i have left comments open for this post so you can leave feedback. please be polite :)

( oh, and happy new year! )

211 Responses to “where is bunnyhero?”

  1. Saffron says:

    Hi is it a fish or something it must be a fish!

  2. Sadie says:

    A Ferret, because they are so cute and i have one!

  3. Rose says:

    Awesome!! I can’t wait for the new pet! I pretty much have no idea what it is! ;) As I said, I can’t wait!! Bye!


  4. cereja says:

    is it a fox, fox, fox!!!

  5. hazza-b-24.piczo.com says:

    iz it a frog i dont like em but iz it

  6. kababa says:

    FROG dummies!

  7. bunnyhero says:

    so far all the guesses are good guesses. but i’m not going to say which one is right (if any!) just yet… :)

  8. lacey loo says:

    its a frog der there is allready a fox and a fish

  9. zeri says:

    i love your pets, ive adopted just about all of them! i have 2 on my forum site right now. i cant wait to see the new pet!

  10. skinnypiglovin' says:

    I love your pets bunnyhero! I have the llama and the turtle! I can’t wait to have an ‘f’ – whatever it is!! :)

  11. blueboo101 says:

    dats aWESOME!!! seriously, though. bunnyhero…

  12. cv says:

    dzfgtg oawuied adfwef eurffui rht usrf’wep iopqwqikl.;’n infhwe is dfisd fisd difn dsiewno9ern onuiwe iwdb rfwei’o[;qn iq’;n wai fwaif newr wer weirwe rwej gdfhdfasd fgujhu7gvf h h tyj y yr hrtyrtyrt09 ryi ui ouhf werr ty 7y u 8 rt u i oooooo t utu tytrhg/lqtyiob eirb ;qr 4ier erjtotuj roij er rojtie rijt rejtr britgji iu t

  13. my says:

    im from sweden i can not so match englis so i tak swedes if you not can sewdes so can im ssay not to you…jag hoppas att det kommer bli ett sött djur!!

  14. Conster says:

    we love you bunnyhero!!

  15. Anime says:

    It should either be:

  16. allesya cesa says:

    its a fox i can’t waiting

  17. Anonymous says:

    It should either be:
    -fish or


  18. andrea says:


  19. sup says:

    hi and what’s up

  20. logan says:

    deer deer deer deer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nyall says:

    IT begins with F u wallys

  22. Bubbles says:

    I hope it will b a frog, I have two little ones in ma fish tank.

    I love bunnyhero, I have two of all the animals, and three of some. I can’t wait to put the new one on my page. I want it to be a fog or a ferret, or a flamingo, because there is already a fish, and a fox. If it was a fly that would be a bit wired coz you would have to feed it other peoples food, just leftovers.

  23. accs says:

    An dolphin pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *.*

  24. iggypop says:

    i hope its as frog cause frogs r cute!!!

    GO FROGS!!!!

    u r all dummies so vist my site; [email protected] tell ur friends wateva u want!!!!

  25. Lizzi says:

    I think it’s gonna be a fox….is it? that would be sooo friggen awesome!!

  26. BAilee and Grace says:

    i wander if it is a farret a frog or a fox or wat elae could it be>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ………………………………. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh

  27. werewolfex says:

    you need to make ca werewolf on here

  28. Rosie says:

    Its not a fish ’cause they have already got one. Its probably a fox or a frog.

  29. ~Kenna!!~ says:

    Ooh i hope it is a ferret XD they rock!

  30. carly says:

    I hope it is a lion.

  31. BatFan says:

    FOX!!! It has to be! We have Wolves, Puupies, and Bebo Puppies. Why not a Fox?

    • Becky says:

      My first fraviote animal is a wolf so thnks fr havin a wolf on bunnyhero labs ang i hope it is a fox cause their my second fraviote animals

  32. wuvverofNathan says:

    i think its a frog or a Falcon

  33. hi5lynn says:

    hi i have pig and a chick but i want a hippopotamus!!! put a hipopotamus!!! please!!!

  34. MYSPACEHATER says:


  35. Em. says:

    :-) i hope its a gorilla

  36. Ribka says:

    bird or shark pleeeeeeeesss

  37. Lauren says:

    I would love a Dolphin or Peacock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool. :)

  38. thend0 says:

    it dhould be f****ing flaming dragon of dead

  39. Anonymous says:

    A Whale Or Zebra ;]

  40. Jess says:

    A chipmunk of corse a cute chipmunk!!!!

  41. Sierra says:

    Why would it be chipmunk.It starts with a “c” not a ”f”.And its must be a fox.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I hope it’s a fox!

  43. abc says:

    I hope it’s a fox!

  44. Chrissy says:

    Hello bunnyhero

    I come from Germany and I am a big fan of your animals.

    I think your cute animals always fully on my side there is a real zoo with your animals.

    My page is unfortunately only in German and I do not know you can read but look inside
    I would be pleased

    • bunnyhero says:

      i can’t read german but i like your website :) thanks for adopting so many!

  45. abc says:


  46. laney says:

    I KNO its a frog!!! I WANT CHIPMUNK!!!!!

  47. salmuchis says:

    a fox!!! i want a foxy! or a flamingoo

  48. thehggfrrf says:

    i think its a frog but it coud a ferret

  49. thehggfrrf says:

    sorry i spelt could wrong

  50. thehggfrrf says:

    i think its a frog but it could a ferret

  51. Clare says:

    Hi! I think it could be a ferret, frog, or fish. ♥

  52. kirstie says:

    hi hope it is a frog because i like frogs.

  53. rosie says:

    i thinks its a hamster or a guinea pig

  54. rosie says:

    i think its a frog or a ferret or a fox DO NOT COPY MY ANSWER!

  55. ... says:


  56. Bram says:

    I hope it’s a frog. Frogs are green. I like green. Besides, frogs are harmless.

  57. MeggieA says:


  58. bunnyhero says:

    wow, lots of good guesses everyone!

    one more hint:
    it is not a bird. so not falcon or flamingo.

  59. Oh cool! I can’t wait for the new pet! I am guessing it is a frog… I love frogs, because they are harmless, unless you are talking about the poison dart frog. I hope it is one of those little colorful ones or a tree frog!!

    ~*~ Evie~*~

  60. Kirby says:

    I hope it is a baby Shih Tzu. That is black and has white paws and with a white strreak down its face! Kirby

  61. Kirby says:

    Is it a type of bird? Like a penguin?!!!!!! I love Penguins. Kirby Smith

  62. I wish it could be a chipmunk because I LUV that old show and am pretty much obsessed with the charectors but I’m ghessing maybe the new pet could be a type of snake…one that starts with f…if there is one. Is there?

  63. Sonicluvr says:

    A FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • anonimus says:

      foxes Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Foxes suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Foxes Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Sonicluvr says:

    Sry im just so obbsessd. i have a white bat named rouge!!!

  65. CDW says:

    hey Bunnyhero you should make a pet lizard or maybe a snake.Your pets are great I have the bat, wolf, cat, turtle, sheep, and fish.But I think the new pet is a frog.Frogs are cool!You should also try making a pet crocodile.That would be the best pet ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. CDW says:

    You rock bunnyhero.

  67. anonimus says:

    Chipmunks and foxs suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Becky says:


    • Me says:

      anonimus that is just not nice to those of us who love the cuteness of chipmunks and the awesomeness of foxes. Please keep your negative comments to yourselves.

  68. Lauren2 says:

    I would<3 a fox!!:D

  69. alexander vaa says:

    tell me or i will tell my mommy and ur mommy so tell me is it a ferret

  70. Sally says:

    a frog!

  71. jjuujiu says:

    please give us another clue please

  72. ghyhgy says:

    give us one more clue please

  73. chris says:

    i hope its a ferret those things are amazing xD

  74. Mája says:

    I want two horses.. Horses is pretty animals..

  75. Jess says:

    Why does it start with an f!!??

  76. Jess says:

    A frog fox (baby fox) or something else cute

  77. Becky says:


  78. Kevin says:

    It’s a Frog-headed donkey. -_-

  79. Kevin says:

    Am I right? Am I am I?

  80. nikki says:

    a hippo!

  81. DRAGON!!!!

  82. coolbabe89 says:




  83. *FoxFire* says:

    i like to get a Fox an a Dragon i love them

  84. Dog Paws says:

    Is it a frog

  85. Dog Paws says:

    Can you make a dragon

  86. sophie says:

    im geussing that its iether a frog or fox!!!!
    but i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  87. sophie says:

    can you also give us one more clue!!!!!!!!!!
    i just soooooooooooooo cant wait!!!!!

  88. Lindsey says:

    FFFFFFFFFOOOOOOXXXX! ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  89. s says:

    iI think it is going to be a skunk

  90. Me says:

    “iI think it is going to be a skunk” ???
    Honestly, do skunks start with F? I think it’s a Flying Squirrel. Hey, no reason to say what everyone else is saying. Or maybe it’s a Fudgehog from Viva Pinata!! *dies* Oh wait he/she said animal… shoot… A fudgehog would be cool… But a Chewnicorn would be cooler!! Ooh oohh make a dragon next make a dragon next!! *is crazy*

  91. Emily says:

    I think its either a fox or ferrit, who knows, :D I have adopted lots of my site please check them out they are so cute thanks! :D

  92. toon says:

    fox ferrit or frog

  93. CDW says:

    Check out my igoogle account its awsome. I have my Wolf on it.

  94. CDW says:

    I also Have alot of other cool things on it including some unique animals.

  95. Im going to post everyday until you make a dragon
    PLEAZZZZZE I want one

  96. CDW says:

    Hey Mrs. Alan Rickman I admire your determination, but I am sure bunnyhero isn’t making a dragon yet but I would like one too.

  97. CDW says:

    I don’t really care what the animal is but I already know its going to be cool.

  98. HOU says:

    I hope it is a frog. my roomate will like it.
    and I love you!

  99. SADIE says:



  100. thend0 says:

    BH rules!

  101. thend0 says:

    dragons,grifiin,unicron,pegasus,wyvern,cerberus might be nice

  102. Petru says:

    giraffe , zebra , flamingo .^^

  103. juli says:

    hello friends

  104. ~Eryn~ says:

    Hi cool site can u go to mine! http://www.mangoslush.webs.com ? : )

  105. hannah :) says:

    I think it’s a farrit! if u have any other guesses I’m all ears!

  106. ~Eryn~ says:

    thx randompersons lol ur awesome

  107. kysillygirl says:

    will you please give us one more hint

  108. Ashly says:

    so its not any kind of bird and it starts with a ” F ” so it could be a frog or ferret! that would be cool

    -Ashley wa2 h3rE

  109. Polly says:

    I’m sure it will be an ant !!

  110. Marty says:

    Ferret it just has to be!!!!

  111. b3 says:

    No idea! Wait! It’s got to be ……. to be……..sorry I don’t know what pet is it.

  112. diego says:

    is it bunny hero

  113. Hey I was Jw do you have a bebo ♥Mr. BunnyHero Creator♥?
    Also Could you Please make a fox there So CUTE!

    Hey Everyone who’s Anyone That has a Bebo add me!
    I’m awsome Blonde 16 and hot!
    [email protected]
    Before I go I wanna say I L♥ve Y♥u! Mr. Bunny Her♥ Creat♥r!

  114. alexis says:

    i think it will be a kangoo or a snowman

  115. brodie says:

    its a fox i love foxes its gotta be one al be happy if its a fox

  116. brodie says:


  117. brodie says:


  118. Jewel says:

    Foxxxx! Foxes pwn!

    ~*~ Jewel ~*~

  119. ~Eryn~ says:

    Hi Again !! T_T

  120. ~Eryn~ says:

    oh i updated my sit mangoslush.webs.com ! : )

  121. ~Eryn~ says:

    opse sorry sitE

  122. Silver says:

    Hey, um…Fire breathing dragon? I dunno. :)

  123. nashero says:

    a fox or ferrit would be cool
    but a dragon would be even better
    and i like the idea about the grifiin,unicron,pegasus,wyvern,and cerberus those would be really cool to have too

  124. fhjhjg says:

    how long will it take before it will be out now

  125. anonymous says:

    It’s hopefully out tomorrow. It’s starts with “f” and is not a bird. Remember that.

  126. ??? says:

    Iz knowz watz itz isz!!!!!!!!!

  127. ??? says:

    QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM YAYZZZ i know wat it is its…its…its well i hacked a bit and found out wat it iz so guess away

  128. ??? says:

    ill give a hint…its adoptable!(DUN DUN DUN!)