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bunnyhero pets bebo app!

the pets have been available on bebo for a while now as “widgets,” but now bunnyhero pets are available as an application on bebo’s new application platform!

what does this mean for bebo users? now when you adopt a pet on bebo, you will add the “bunnyhero pets” application. with the new application, you are able edit your pets after you’ve added them to your profile, like changing your pet’s name and colour. also, i hope to add more features in the future, like sending your pets to your friends, and using your bebo photos as backgrounds for your pets.

in other news, i know i haven’t created any new animals for a long time now. i apologize for this, i’ve been busy with other non-pet things for some time. i am working on a couple of animals now, but i don’t know exactly when they will be done. sorry about that!! i know you’ve been waiting a long time :(

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