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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback on the wolf! it’s almost overwhelming.

i just wanted to let you know what my plans are in the next little while.

first, i should say that i work kind of slowly, so while i know you want more animals, it takes me a while to make each one. please be patient! plus, i am working on a couple of other projects behind the scenes which i hope you will like.

in the meantime: the next thing i want to do is make sure that each animal has something to eat! not all of the pets have food, so i want to add food to most (if not all) of the animals before i add any new ones. you won’t have to do anything to get the food for your pet; your pet will get it automatically.

i know i have been rather slow in replying to requests for help. i apologize and will try to catch up on that. i will also be improving the help page in the next little while so you will be able to find answers to more of your questions without having to wait for me to respond.

and to everyone who volunteered to help me with making pets: thanks for the offer, but the way the pets are made, it would not be very easy for anyone else to help. in the future i might try to make a new pet system that would make it easier to make new animals, and for other people to help.

so thanks again everyone for visiting the site and adopting pets!