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site outage, dragon update

Friday, June 18th, 2004

sorry the site was down for so long. i forgot to pay the hosting fee for this month, oops! anyway, your pets should be safe and sound.

i have a huge backlog of entries for the adopters list. i will be updating that later tonight. thanks for your patience!

speaking of patience, work on the dragons is going slowly. i want to make the dragons really special, and i plan to have advanced customization for them: multiple colours, changing the size of wings, different backgrounds, stuff like that. i will probably have to be a little less ambitious, though, if i want to actually want to get anything done!

however, i seem to have hit something like writer’s block. i need some more dragon inspiration. i will probably watch some dragon movies, and read some dragon books. if anyone has any recommendations, please post them here! thanks!