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brief update

Thursday, March 3rd, 2005

just a brief update:

our cyber pets now work with myspace! they used to not show up on myspace, but i fixed that a week or two ago. to use your pets on myspace, you must use the “livejournal” version of the code.

and, after far too long, i am actually working on a new pet! i hope to be done within the next week. what animal is it? you’ll just have to wait and see :)

strange server glitch

Saturday, January 15th, 2005

it seems the front page of the web site was down for a while today (jan 15), while the rest of the site continued to work, but very slowly. anyway, things seem to be back to normal now, and i apologize for any inconvenience.

i’m continuing to snoop around to figure out exactly what happened so i can prevent it from happening again.


new server!

Monday, December 27th, 2004

i’ve moved bunnyherolabs.com to a brand new server. i hope i’ve got everything right, but there’s always something… i apologize for any problems you may encounter while using the site, or when emailing me. i’ll do my best to keep on top of things!

UPDATE: some of your pet images may appear broken, or without any text. it should be fixed now… simply reload your page if your pet seems broken. thanks!

NOTE: please do not hesitate to reach me through the contact page if you encounter problems!

monster attack attacked! ;)

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

i’ve temporarily taken down the monster attack page. it got linked to from metafilter and my ISP suspended my site due to the massive amount of traffic. for any metafilter visitors, welcome! sorry about the monster page being down. i’ll probably put it back up after that metafilter entry drops off the front page :)

in other news– i regret to tell you that i am not going to be updating the “adopters list” page any longer. you may have noticed that it hasn’t been updated for over a month, anyway. i was using a mix of automated and manual techniques to keep it updated, but i had to do too much manual clean-up for each update. sorry about that. the adopters list might return if i can figure out a better way of having it updated. this might require user logins, though.

thanks to everyone for their patience! and i’ll try to get back onto making more pets soon!

brief update

Saturday, August 28th, 2004

unfortunately, i have been extremely busy with work recently. this doesn’t leave me with as much time or energy to work on this site, and the pets, as i would like. my apologies.

i am aware that some of you are having trouble loading up the second page of the adoption centre. i am looking into this issue now. sorry for any inconvenience!

i know i’ve been promising dragons for a long time, and you’re probably sick of waiting, but as i mentioned above, i really haven’t had the time to work on them. they are going to be more complex than the current pets. on the other hand, i have been working on some of the basic technology that will be going into the dragons. for example, multiple colours in one pet. the first pet that will have this feature will be a cockatiel! i hope the cockatiel will be ready within the next week or two.

for those who have emailed me asking to put your pet on the adopter list: for me to do this, i need you not just your name and your pet’s name, but also the page where your pet is living. if your pet does not have its own web page, i need the HTML code for your pet. that way i can be sure i have all the correct info for the list.

thanks everyone for visiting the site, and for adopting pets!

(ps. i am behind on responding to your emails, sorry about that…)

site outage, dragon update

Friday, June 18th, 2004

sorry the site was down for so long. i forgot to pay the hosting fee for this month, oops! anyway, your pets should be safe and sound.

i have a huge backlog of entries for the adopters list. i will be updating that later tonight. thanks for your patience!

speaking of patience, work on the dragons is going slowly. i want to make the dragons really special, and i plan to have advanced customization for them: multiple colours, changing the size of wings, different backgrounds, stuff like that. i will probably have to be a little less ambitious, though, if i want to actually want to get anything done!

however, i seem to have hit something like writer’s block. i need some more dragon inspiration. i will probably watch some dragon movies, and read some dragon books. if anyone has any recommendations, please post them here! thanks!

apologies for activeX popup ads

Wednesday, May 12th, 2004

apparently, the ad server has been serving up ads with “activeX popups”; that is, ads that prompt you with a dialog to install software. i did not approve of these ads, and i am currently working with the ad server agency to resolve this.

in the meantime, i would urge you to NOT install any software that says it’s from “GAIN Publishing” or “FlashTalk”. i don’t know what this software does (possibly adware and/or spyware).

i apologize for this nuisance!! and i’ll do what i can to fix this…

UPDATE: i haven’t seen those offending ads in a while… has anyone else? plus, if you have already installed the spyware, try downloading and running ad-aware. it’ll search your system for adware and remove it.

thanks for hanging in there.

hooray, problems resolved

Friday, April 16th, 2004

not only are the adopters comments working again, but i did not lose any email after all.

a big shout-out to the support staff at my webhost, jaguarPC, for their incredibly speedy response! i am impressed :D