links & resources


virtual and cyber pets

the world's most popular virtual pet site, as far as i know. adopt and raise a pet with games and stuff. other similar pet raising sites are: powerpets, zetapets, and marapets
a very popular site where you can breed and show your own horses!
it's a world of artificial life forms, creeps. when a user registers they become a god in this world, and initially they get one little creep to nurse. eventually they can try to win more creeps over to their flock. the creeps live and act in real time on the server.

animals and animal welfare

i know a lot of you are animal lovers... here are sites that deal with REAL animals!
cute overload
the cutest animals on the internet!! new photos every day! so cute that you will melt!!!
house rabbit society
one of the BEST resources on the internet for rabbit owners!
humane society of the united states
humane society
world society for the protection of animals. this is the US site. if you're in the UK, go to WSPA UK; if you're in canada, visit WSPA canada; otherwise see WSPA international.
new york dogs in danger
this group is "a small coalition of rescue people working together, to try to save new york dogs that are on death row in our many area shelters; or to help those dogs whose lives may otherwise be in danger." if you're in the new york area, please check them out and support their work!

fun stuff [NEW LINK]

world visitor map
this is a fun myspace widget (works with other sites too)! "See where in the world all your friends are with this easy-to-use visitor map. It's all done automatically by our widget after you drop it into your site. Visitors get a marker placed on your map based on their IP address. A great way to track where your visitors are coming from." here's an example right here!
pet e-cards!
free pet-themed e-cards! so cute!
cool graphics and myspace layouts. and check out their pets, they're really cute!
justin thyme
an interactive storybook and puzzle. it's hard to explain but it's very very cool! read the story and solve the mystery!
lots of codes and stuff for your myspace


there are lots of great places to learn more on flash authoring around the web. here are just a few.
lots of clearly laid-out, easy-to-use and easy-to-find tips and tutorials on flash
macromedia: flash technotes
from the source!
a good resource for flash scripting

web development

a list apart
one of my favourite sites for tips on "modern" web development (i.e. standards-based, CSS, etc)
css zen garden
a gorgeous site that shows off the elegant power of CSS
web design group's css reference
a handy, clear CSS reference site


my favourite streaming internet music station! check it out!