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A simple utility

Sometimes you want to know how many characters you’ve typed into an app that doesn’t have a character counter (like the built-in Messages app).

Solution: install CharCounter.

While writing a text message, select your whole message and Copy it to the clipboard.

Then quit to the Home screen and launch CharCounter.

When CharCounter launches, it displays the contents of the clipboard and counts the number of characters.

Editing the text automatically updates the character count.

You can touch the “Copy All” button to copy all of the text to the clipboard, ready for pasting into the app of your choice.

NOTE: If CharCounter does not automatically paste on launch, go to the Settings app, touch CharCounter, and make sure "Paste on Launch" is set to "ON". You might have to turn it off and then on again. This is a known bug that affects some users. I will fix it in the next update. Thanks!

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